Building Your Self-Confidence As A Dancer


I think one of the most common challenges that people face today is lack of self confidence. It’s something that is common when it comes to most everything and everyone and there is no exception when it comes to dance. It can be one of those things that we may feel ashamed to admit that we struggle with, but don’t be ashamed at all! It is completely normal to feel a little unsure of yourself but just because it’s natural or common, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. Lack of self-confidence is something that can be overcome and conquered! So, with that good news being said, here are some tips that helped me build my self-confidence as dancer and hopefully they will be a help to you as well! Let’s get right into it!

One of the major keys to building your self-confidence as a dancer is to never compare yourself to someone else. Have you ever heard the saying “your biggest competition is always yourself”? Well, it’s true. One of the biggest confidence killers is comparing yourself to another dancer. There is honestly no need to feel like you’re inferior to anyone and as I have said in a previous post (and will probably say again in the future) despite popular belief, there is actually no such thing as “the perfect dancer”. Sure, there are dancers that are very good at what they do but I can guarantee you that even they have their share of things that they strive to do better. The thing about being a dancer is that all of us are still learning because there is always still so much to learn to help us improve. So, never put anyone above yourself. Just continue to focus on you and how you do what you do!

Another way to help build your self-confidence as a dancer is to stop being your own worst critic. Aye yi yi! I have found that this is one of the biggest things that dancers struggle with. As I mentioned in the tip above, every dancer has things that they would like to improve but we have the tendency to just rip ourselves to shreds when we make one little mistake. Maybe our toes weren’t as pointed as they could’ve been or maybe we could have done a part in the routine a little sharper and cleaner. Relaxing and realizing that everything is not going to be flawless all of the time can really give you peace of mind. In fact, it can actually prove to you how good you really are! By not being so nit picky about the way that you dance, you’ll begin to see all of the things that you do right versus JUST seeing all of the things that you need to improve. Continue to work hard, be open minded, take pride in all of your strengths and don’t let your weaknesses define you!

Dance is a way of expressing yourself. Let’s not taint that freedom of expression by thinking you’re not good enough because I promise you that you are! Be content with the kind of dancer that you are right now in the present day, always keeping in mind that you WILL get better and better with time! Just clear your mind, don’t be too hard on yourself and remember the words of the great Disney Philosopher Hannah Montana…


Photo credit: Google.com

FROM THE TOP QUESTION OF THE DAY: What are some of your strengths as a dancer? Comment down below and share them with us!

Keep dancing!

– Lexi

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