Wait, What Was The Combination Again?: Tips For Picking Up Choreography

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I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there. We’ve all been in a class, the teacher is explaining the choreography, all in what seems like one breath, and the only thing you can think is: “Huh?!”. Choreography is one of my strong suits but I would totally be lying if I said it has always been. I had to find new ways to be able to pick up choreo at a quick pace and if you’ve encountered the same problem then look no further! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you pick up choreography at a faster pace!

Discover How You Learn.
Just like in things such as school subjects or job training, we all grasp on to concepts in different ways and choreography is no different. Think about the last class that you took. What method did you use to try and pick up the choreography? If the method you used in your last class didn’t work well enough for you, try something else! Try a hands on learning method by marking the choreography with the choreographer as they teach! Already tried that? Try staying still and just observing, taking in the choreography mentally and processing it. That is the way that I pick up choreography best. If I try to mark the choreography while I’m trying to learn it, I will only retain the information for a short amount of time and by the time the music starts playing, I’m usually sitting there like…

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However, if I just sit back and observe, I am much more apt to pick up the choreography better. So with that being said, discovering how you learn is a perfect first step in the right direction on the journey to picking up choreography much easier and faster.


Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions!
Never, ever, EVER be too shy to ask the choreographer/teacher questions about a part in the choreography that you don’t understand or even need to see again. Teachers are there to teach and as a dancer, you’re there to learn and get the most out of the class that you can. However, you’ll never be able to gain all of the benefits of class and you’ll miss out on the opportunity to learn new techniques if you’re too timid to ask question. No, asking questions doesn’t mean you’re behind in skill level. It’s simply a better way to get the most of the class that you’re taking. You might even be helping others in the class by doing so. You’d be surprised how many people have questions but don’t take the initiative to ask them. So, why not be the one to take the first step? Let’s not just be dancers, let’s be leaders!

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow!
Ahh, wise words given to us by the singing girl group En Vogue and even though it is a catchy song, it’s so true! By freeing and clearing your mind, you’ll be able to catch onto choreography a lot easier. Over thinking can be a dancer’s worst enemy and if you’re so paranoid about being able to grab onto choreography, there is a 99% chance your brain will go numb and you won’t be able to grasp hold to anything. It’s amazing how much better we achieve goals and conquer obstacles when we just don’t think about it. So just sit back, apply your new learning method, pick up your confidence (because are you a beast!!) and enjoy the class! And no, it’s not the end of the world if you mess up. We all mess up. WE ALL MESS UP! It’s a part of it! We’re dancers and choreography is simply just what we do. Trust me, you’ve got this! Now go to that class and kill it!

FROM THE TOP QUESTION OF THE DAY: Which do you like better? Choreography or Freestyling? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Keep dancing!


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