Overcoming Rejection


Happy Friday dancers and welcome to part two of From the Top’s Audition Series! Today we will be focusing on overcoming rejection. In the dance industry, one of the hardest things that we hear is the word “no”. Man, it can be so disheartening to be cut during or after an audition, especially if you really wanted that particular job! However, it’s always important to keep in mind that it is all a part of the business and it in no way reflects who you are as a dancer.

I remember when I went on my very first audition. I was so excited and I had prepared for it for weeks and weeks. I felt very good about how I danced and the audition in general and guess what? I got cut. My very first audition EVER and I got cut. I was so bummed out at first but I knew I couldn’t let it get me down in the dumps for too long. Why? Because even though I didn’t book the job, I was still a dancer who had to keep working in my career and just because one door was closed, it didn’t mean another door wasn’t going to open! Now I’m a dance teacher, a ten times stronger dancer now than I was then and I absolutely love what I do!

You must keep in mind that when things like this don’t work out the way you planned for them to, it doesn’t mean that you’re a bad dancer or that you’re not good enough, it just means that it wasn’t meant for you to take that particular road right now. Everyone has their own journey in this industry and if your journey doesn’t include that job, it’s okay! Keep working, keep searching for more opportunities and the next audition that comes around that you want to try, take it! Never let one, or even multiple, bad experiences taint your love for what you do or make you second guess your worth as an artist. As much as we dislike thinking about these types of outcomes, they happen and when they happen, take it as a learning experience and keep moving forward.

Don’t shrink back from rejection, welcome it if it comes! Take it as a sign that there is obviously a better path for you to take and pursue that path with everything that you have. I can guarantee you’re going to love what’s at the end of it! I wish you the best of luck this audition season! Stay strong, healthy, positive and always believe in yourself!

Keep dancing!

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