What’s In My Dance Bag!


What’s going on dancers? In the spirit of our “It’s in the Bag” Giveaway, I thought I would do something a little different today and share with you all what’s in my dance bag! This is kind of like those “what’s in my gym bag” or “what’s in my purse” but with a twist! So, if you would like to see what’s in my dance bag and learn more details about how you can win a dance bag of your own, grab a snack and let’s get into it! I must warn you though, I haven’t cleaned this bad boy and I have had a crazy hectic past few days so there’s no telling what’s in this bag. This should be veeery interesting!


Let’s start with the star of this post and that is the bag itself! I actually have two dance bags – a small backpack for my less hectic nights and a huge duffel bag for my busy nights. The duffel bag, however, is my primary dance bag, so we’ll let it have the spotlight today! This bag is super spacious and has the capacity to hold so many things! I can be a bit of pack rat and this bag definitely stands up to the challenge!

“Let’s Start From The Outside In!”
On the right-hand side is the shoe compartment that I mentioned above. This pocket is a total and complete life saver for me! I’m a firm believer in having extras of like…everything! You never know when you might need it! Here is where I keep all of my extra/spare shoes. I have an extra (very broken in) pair of jazz shoes, a spare pair of pointe shoes, a pair of ballet slippers, my wireless speaker that I use for all of my classes and its charger. Why my speaker is chillin’ with my shoes, I have no idea but like I said I’ve had a crazy, busy week so there’s just no telling! As for the open compartment on the left side, there is nothing occupying it at the moment and but normally it holds my water bottle or Gatorade. Now, on to the inside!


“It’s Not What’s On The Outside, It’s What’s On The Inside That…Holds All Of The Junk.”
Alright! Now that we have covered the outside pockets, let’s dive on in to the inside of the bag! Starting with this small pocket on the inside. Here is where I keep my extra hair elastics and bobby pins.

Now onto to the main compartment of the bag! The first thing I see when I look in my bag is a couple of journals, both of which are for choreography and jotting down ideas. I also have my daily planner as well because I really can’t go anywhere without that thing! Next are all my current shoes. I have my current pair of pointe shoes, my jazz shoes and my tap shoes that have found their way in there somehow! I also carry two of my therabands and a tennis ball to roll out my feet because my foot cramps are insane sometimes!



A couple of days ago I shot some exciting things that will be coming to you guys very soon and had to have a few outfit changes, which brings me to the next few item in my bag which are a pair of jeans, a workout shirt, workout leggings, two (yes, two) plaid shirts and my George Michael “Faith” shirt!


And finally, I have my first aid kit! I decided to put all my first aid items in this old pencil box years ago and I’ve never gotten rid of it because it’s just so convenient! Here I keep my toes pads, big toe cushions, toe tape, band-aids and an ace bandage, you know, just in case!

And that wraps it up for this post! I hope you had fun looking through my bag with me and If you’re interested in winning a duffel bag to fill it up with things of your own, check out From the Top’s “It’s in the Bag” Giveaway! One lucky follower will be chosen to win a brand-new Adidas Defender II Duffel Bag in the color aqua!


For more information, click the “Giveaway” tab in the menu above! Best of luck to everyone and I will see you guys soon!

Keep dancing!


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