Tips For Improving Musicality


Musicality in dance is all about how well your body synchronizes with the rhythm of the music and whether you’re a performer, choreographer or a freestyler, musicality is a huge part of being a dancer. Now, you may think that if someone is a dancer, then they must automatically have musicality and to a degree, that’s true. All dancers have some sense of musicality seeing as musicality is what helps us pick up choreography. However, it’s something that a lot of dancers find themselves having to work on and if you’re a dancer who is working to improve your sense of musicality, here are a few tips that you can use to help reach your goal!

Tip #1
Try Listening To Music Differently
You know those choreographers that seem to choreograph a move to every, single, small beat in a song? These are choreographers that possess a keen sense of musicality. They seem to hear every small detail in a song and play on it, which in result creates this unforgettable choreography and it’s only “dancer’s nature” to want to learn how to do something similar! So, to help with this goal try this. Next time you listen to a song, take it for more than just face value and try listening to it differently. Pay attention to the harmonies, the fluctuation of the beats and lose yourself in the overall vibe of the song. Listen past the melody and the lyrics and hear the beats, how they change, the bass line and all its rifts. By doing this, you will acquire a great musical ear that you’ll be able to bring to your dancing and help you pick up those intricate dance numbers better because now you’re able hear all the things that the choreographer hears.

Tip #2
Stop Counting
Another fantastic way to improve musicality is by not marking choreography using the classic dancer’s 8 counts. Have you ever taken a class where the choreographer teaches by way of…umm…sound effects? Like, instead of saying “Reach on five, pull back on six, then turn on seven” they say things like “Now reach, bom booooooommm!! Hit, Cah Cah!” and all of those other weird sounds? Choreographers like these teach based on the beats and the flow of the music versus just the standard counts. So, just like they teach in this way, try picking up your next piece of choreography by using this same method. It really helps you get the feeling of the music in a way that allows you to get the most out of any type of choreography!

Tip #3
Practice Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone
The best way to acquire or better a certain skill set is just by stepping out and doing it! Increasing your musicality is another level of growth and the best way to grow is by practicing, taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone. Try out a more intense class or even try picking an intricate online dance tutorial and learning it at home for more practice. And even if you struggle a bit at first, keep practicing and working at it. Next thing you know, you’ll be able to pick up those intricate combos with ease and your musicality will be awesome!

I hope these tips help you along as you work toward reaching a higher and even better level in your dancing! I’ll see you back here next Friday, same time, same place for another post!

Keep Dancing!


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