Love It or Leave It?: Bloch Jetstream Pointe Shoe Review

Happy Friday dancers and welcome to another edition of From the Top’s “Love It or Leave It”, a series where I review different dance products and share with you all my personal experience with them! Today we’ll be talking about Bloch Jetstream Pointe Shoes. These are my current pair of pointe shoes and in my time of using them, I decided I would share with you all what I think about them and how they work for me. So, without further ado, let’s get into the review!

Bloch Jetstream Pointe Shoes are described as having a shank that is not secured at the heel with less resistance from the shank past the break pointe, to make the dancer feel supported and lifted while en pointe. With a box that is lined with EVA cushioning, it is an innovative box design that is made exclusively for Bloch that molds to the contours of the foot for more comfort and shock absorbency. Lower sides of the shoe gives a more fitted profile and it comes tailored with upper lining to reduce any kind of creasing in the material of the shoe.

I’ve been using this shoe for about three years now and I have to say that I am highly impressed! As I said in my European Balance review, a dancer’s foot changes all of the time and what may work for you now may not work for you later. However, as of right now, they complement the shape and strength of my feet very well. The box is very comfortable and I guess I can credit that to the EVA cushioning that it has built into them. In addition to having extra comfort from the padding, the box is also very strong. So, even though it is build with a little extra cushioning, the strength of the box is not compromised and has great lasting power.

My favorite part of this shoe is the flexibility and comfort ability of the shank! A nice flexible shank with the ability to smoothly hug my arches is the number one thing I look for in a pointe shoe and the Jetstream has that! In my initial trying on of the shoe, I took notice to the support of the shank and after I bought them and broke them in, the shank was an absolute perfect and snug fit! Also, the design of the shoe really compliments my narrow, tapered feet and the lower sides make my feet look great when going up en pointe. I found the break in process very different in the sense that since the shoe already complimented my feet so well, the shoe just became more perfect after the break in, which was a pleasant surprise!

Overall, with the comfy box, supportive shank and attractive design, I totally LOVE this shoe and they are definitely my favorite shoes at the moment! I really see myself using this for a very good amount of time and if the time comes where I have to give them up for the sake of my ever changing feet, I will most definitely form my search around trying to find a shoe with at least one this shoes’ benefits! I hope you guys enjoyed today’s review and if you have been on the fence about trying this shoe, I highly suggest going to your local dancewear store and trying it out! You just may love them as much as I do!

Keep Dancing!

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