Dancing In Heels 101: What To Know Before Taking Your First Heels Class

Dancing in heels or “Heels Classes” is a genre of dance that has been around for a while but has made a MASSIVE impact on the dance industry in the last few years. Heels classes are not only fun, but they also aid in pruning you as a professional dancer. For example, if you are looking into working as a backup dancer in today’s day in time, 50 percent of the time the choreography will be done in heels, even during the auditions. In addition to broadening your experience as a dancer, dancing in heels has also been known to advocate self-confidence and being comfortable in your own skin! Dancer and Choreographer Brinn Nicole hails from Los Angeles, California where she teaches a course called “Pumpfidence”, a heels class that specializes in technique, self-confidence and becoming more in touch with your sexy self! And she’s not the only one! Yanis Marshall, Michelle “Jersey” Manicalsco and even Galen Hooks are also choreographers who teach knock out heels classes! However, if you’re wanting to try your hand at taking a heels class but you’re afraid that you’ll spend more time falling on the floor rather than dancing on it, don’t fret girls and boys, Lexi’s got you! So, without further ado, here are some basic tips to help you survive and SLAY your first heels class! Grab those pumps and let’s get it goin’!

Tip #1
“Get A Stable Pair of Shoes”
Now, I know that being able to dance full out in sky high, skinny heels is GOALS but the reality is that if you’re a beginner, that is probaaabblly not the best idea seeing as though you want to avoid things such as rolled ankles, pulled muscles…a neck brace….Relaaaax, I’m kidding! However, dancing in really, really high heels before you are per say “ready” is always a huge risk. So, for the time being, get a pair of pumps or boots with a nice stable heel at about 4 inches at the HIGHEST until you become more advanced. Something with a nice, chunky heel with a small platform on them. This will keep you supported, stable and most importantly, off the ground!

Tip #2
“Technique and Fluidity” 
What a lot of people may not know is that there is just as much “technique” involved in heels classes as any other dance genre, which makes this tip extremely important. First thing to remember is of course, to keep your core nice and tight This will allow you to keep yourself balanced and stable while your dancing in and keep your body alignment intact! The second tip that is essential in heels technique is nice range of motion. Always remember to keep your arms and head movements nice and fluid, while your core remains nice and strong. Never be afraid to let loose! Go ahead! Throw those arms! Whip that hair!! Own your sexy!!

Tip #3
“Don’t Forget Your Confidence!”
While you’re packing your bag to head out to class, don’t forget to take your confidence with you. Dancing in heels is all about not being afraid to show that you are comfortable in your own skin. It’s like, “Here I am. I’m confident, powerful, I’m sexy and I know it!” (cue LMFAO circa 2012). So, even if it is your first time in a heels class, don’t be afraid bring all of your confidence to the table. Even if you mess up on the choreography, don’t let it shake you! Keep your head held high and keep workin’ it! You’ll get better and better the more often that you do it and before you know, you’ll be slayin that class in no time.

I hope you all have a fun time in your first or next heels class! I’ll see you all next week for another blog post! Have a great Friday and remember….

Keep Dancing!

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