What Inspires You?

No matter what you do or what your profession may be, we all have something or someone that we look to as a source of inspiration. Something that encourages us to give our all and to never give up. Having a source of inspiration reminds us that we do in fact have the capability to reach the goals that we have set for ourselves. Inspiration can be drawn from many various sources, such as music, movies or, of course, dancing. For example, you can stumble upon a piece of choreography that completely blows your mind in a way that it leaves an impact on you and it inspires you to keep working hard, as well as reminds you of why you love what you do!

Inspiration can also be drawn from a person or people. Someone you look up to that shows you that if they can do it, you can do it too! You don’t necessarily even have to draw inspiration from someone in your profession either because it’s all about finding someone that you feel you can relate to. But above all else, the biggest benefit of drawing inspiration from something/someone is that it gives you the motivation to be all that you can be, so that you can be an inspiration to others. The most rewarding feeling is hearing from someone else that you are the person that inspired them to follow their own dreams or even the reason of why they decided to pursue their career in the first place. The phrase “aspire to inspire” is so true and fitting when it comes to being an artist because when you think about it, inspiration is really a domino effect. One day you found someone that inspired you, it pushed you to become the best that you can be at your craft and now, just like you found that “special someone”, someone else has found you. Now, YOU’RE the source of someone’s inspiration.

Drawing inspiration from something or someone is a great way to keep your eyes on the prize, sort to speak. It is a constant reminder that anything is possible if you continue to work hard and nurture your gift into maturity. So on this lovely Friday, I am asking you this question: What inspires you?

Keep dancing!
– Lexi

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