Networking In The Dance Industry

What’s going on, dancers? Today, we are talking about the business side of being a dancer. Today, we’re talking all about networking in the industry. In every profession, it is so necessary to network in your field and get yourself out there in the open around other people in your same line of work. And even those this is a key element of being a working dancer, you may have questions such as where do you begin, how do you start and what steps should you take? Here are some tips to answer those questions! Let’s get started!

Networking Tip #1
Social Media Is A Powerful Tool. Don’t Be Afraid To Use It!
Social Media is undoubtedly one of the most powerful platforms in our world today. Everyone is Snap Chatting, Instastory-ing and tweeting most everything that happens in their lives. However, the world of social media is not just for personal use. Social media is an awesome business tool as well! Make yourself an Instagram, Facebook or Twitter page specifically for your dancing or choreography and post your content on there. Instagram now has a feature to make a business profile where people can contact you for inquiries if you allow them to. You can also start a YouTube and rack up some subscribers as you put your talent out there. The possibilities of the social media world are absolutely endless!

Networking Tip #2
Don’t Be Afraid To Put Yourself Out There!
This really coincides with tip number one! Being in the dance industry is all about showcasing what you do. Whether it be your dancing ability, your choreography or your freestyles, you have to put yourself out there in order to be IN there. If no one sees what you’re capable of, you’ll always stay in one spot in your career. There’s no need to be nervous or concerned about any haters that you may encounter and it’s okay if EVERYONE doesn’t like what you do. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but the negative opinions don’t matter! One of my favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou and it states, “Success is loving what you do and liking the way that you do it.” As long as you love the way you do your craft, whoever isn’t a fan, really doesn’t matter. Anyone who doesn’t like the way you move, they are more than welcomed to leave your pretty little profile. So, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there to the world! I know that they are going to looovvee you!

Networking #3
Go To Events!
Now this is the fun part of networking! Within every local dance/arts community, there are numerous events that are held annually. For example, most ballet companies hold events such as galas and charity events that are an absolute joy to attend! By going to these types of events, you’re able to talk to other people in your field about what they do and exchange information, which is part of what these kinds of get togethers are for. So not only are you having a fun time, you’re covering a lot of professional ground, as well!

Networking #4
Business Cards Are Not Dead!
Finally, we have the old school way of networking and that is investing in your very one custom business cards. This is a method, that even though it has been around for ages, is still very effective! You can go to sites such as Vista Print and make your very own business cards that include things like your name, what you do, your areas of expertise and your contact information. The reason why this way of networking is still a staple is because people don’t mind having something that is tangible to hold on to and you always seem to find yourself referring to the card for something or another. For example, say you receive a business card from someone who owns a landscaping company. You may not need a landscaper right now or you may already have one, so you just tuck it away and don’t think twice about. However, as life goes on, you may be in need of another landscaper and what do you know! Just in time you find out that you still have that card from that one guy that you met months ago! Now your problem is solved and you have a beautiful, green yard again. Business cards in the dance industry work the exact same way. They can leave a lasting impression on people, so much so that one day, they just might use it!

Networking is something that I find a lot of fun in as a working dancer and it avails ones career so much! So, don’t be afraid to put your talent out there to the world! Sure it’s a gutsy move but it’ll be worth it in the end. Thanks so much for spending your Friday with us! Have a great weekend and remember…

Keep Dancing!

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