Pre-Dance Class Smoothie Recipes

Well, hello there everyone! Welcome back to FTT! Today’s post is going to be a liiiiittle different this week because today, WE’RE COOKING! Well…sort of! WE’RE BLENDING! Today I’m going to be sharing with you my top 3 pre-dance class smoothie recipes! As you know, it’s always wise to supply yourself with some type of nutrients before you have a long day of classes, but we also know the consequences of eating to heavy before dancing. So, in my search to find something, light, easy and mobile, it just dawned on me. Smoothies! That’s it! I then immediately gathered some Pinterest recipes, as well as making a few of my own and put them to the test! All these smoothies are not only great for getting you nice and moderately full before class, they are also full of fruits and nuts to give you a natural energy boost. So, everybody grab your blender and let’s get started!

Smoothie #1
Classic Strawberry Banana Smoothie 
1 banana
handful of strawberries
1/3 cup Greek yogurt
1/3 cup of vanilla almond milk (regular milk will also work fine with this recipe)
1 cup of ice

First, start by adding in your strawberries and bananas, followed by your greek yogurt, ice and vanilla almond milk into your blender. Blend until ingredients are broken down and the smoothie is smooth (no pun intended), pour into your glass of choice and voila! Your delicious Strawberry Banana smoothie!

Smoothie #2
Banana Almond Smoothie
I came up with this smoothie recipe on a whim when I need a nice pick me up before a workout and I definitely accomplished my goal with this one! This smoothie is a definite energy booster since it is full of energy boosting ingredients like bananas and almonds. Not to mention, it’s delicious!

1 banana 1 cup regular almond milk
Handful of sliced almonds
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 cup vanilla Greek yogurt

Smoothie #3
The “It Tastes Better Than It Looks” Smoothie
Ohhh, what do we have here? It seems to be another green smoothie! Green smoothies get a bad rep because most people don’t take very well to drinking something green. However, even though it is looks like Mr. Grinch in a glass, this smoothie is delicious and is super, duper great in aiding in energy!

½ of a banana
1 cup of fruit (this could be any kind of fruit that you’d like. I like using blueberries!)
1 cup of kale
1 ½ cups of vanilla almond milk
1 cup of ice

I absolutely enjoyed sharing these recipes with you all today and If you decide to give any of these recipes a try, share them with us! Just post your photo on Instagram with the hashtag #Letsgetcooking and you just might see your smoothie masterpiece featured on our IG page, along with a shout out! Have fun in the kitchen, you guys and remember…

Keep Dancing!

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