Love It or Leave It? Bloch Neo-Flex Jazz Shoe Review

Hey dancers and welcome back to another From the Top blog post! Today we’re back for another installment of “Love It or Leave It?” In today’s installment, we’re discussing Bloch’s Neo-flex jazz shoes. This a classic jazz shoe that has been around for quite some time. The Neo-flex is easily a crowd favorite and today we’re going to get into why. So, grab a snack, come on back and let’s find out if we love it or leave it?

The Bloch Neo-flex Jazz Shoe is described as “a leather shoe with a neoprene midsection to hug the arch.” It also features a leather split sole. With that being said, let’s first start with the pros of the shoe, shall we? Like many other jazz shoes, the Neo-flex is a jazz shoe is made to form and mold to the shape of your foot with wear, and this a feature that I can happily say it does wonderfully! Wearing this shoe is like wearing a sock in the sense that it becomes so adapted to your foot shape that it feels likes you have nothing on, which in return, makes dancing in these bad boys a breeze.

Another pro about this shoe is that the sole provides resistance without being restricting. So, while you have the advantage of doing a turn sequence smoothly due to the leather material provided on the sole, the shoe provides enough grip and security to make it you confident in the fact that you won’t fall on your face. This is a feature that the designers at Bloch really did an amazing job with seeing as though this is something every dancer looks for in a good jazz shoe. The Neo-flex also has a wonderful life span. These shoes will last for so long and will have be worn super excessively to even show the slightest signs of wear. The only con about this shoe is that they can be very snug and cause slight discomfort in the toe area of the shoe while they are new. However, this is very normal for dance shoes across the board and to fix this issue, all you must do is wear them around the house like socks and they’ll stretch right out!

All in all, I love this jazz shoe. As a matter of fact, I love this jazz shoe so much that it is my number one suggestion to all of my dance students. It has been my absolute favorite jazz shoe for years and I believe it will continue to be for many more years to come. Thank you all so much for tuning in to another FTT blog post! Have a great weekend and we’ll you see right back here next Friday!

Keep dancing!

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