How To Stay Organized During Nutcracker Season

Hello, dancers and welcome to another installment in our “Nutcracker Series”! Today we are going to talk about how to stay organized and stress free during performance season. In a busy performance season such as Nutcracker season, it is so important to stay on top of our game and in even more important to keep our sanity while doing it. I know that with all the rehearsals and vast amounts of choreography that comes along with each role, it is so easy to get stressed out. However, there are ways to keep yourself centered during this time and we’re going to discuss these tips today! Let’s leap right into it!

“Less Is More”

The first and biggest tip I have for relieving stress this Nutcracker season is to not practice so excessively. Now, I know that sounds crazy because the biggest part of Nutcracker season is having a numerous amount of rehearsals. However, the practice in which I speak of is not the practice in the studio, but the practice out of the studio. You see, sometimes when you practice excessive in the studio and then practice excessively outside of the studio at home, it has the tendency to give adverse effects. Instead of helping you, practicing too much may cause you to over think the choreography, be unnecessarily hard on yourself and even cause you to mess up on parts of the choreography that you may have done flawlessly in class! In short, it can really work reverse psychology on you and honestly, that is enough to stress anyone out as it is. So, in addition to practicing during your normal rehearsal times during the day, try practicing only in moderation at home. Even though practice makes perfect, sometimes less really is more.

“Daily Planners Are A Life Saver”

Another great way to cope with the hustle and bustle that comes along with Nutcracker season is to stay organized. The perfect way to accomplish this is by purchasing a daily planner or notebook to hold all important dates and times. This is a tip that I have mentioned numerous times in different blog posts because it has proven to be such a tremendous help! Once you get your rehearsal and performance schedule from your studio or company, all you have to do is log them into your calendar/daily planner and refer back to it every day to keep yourself on top of what your day entails. By having all your dates written down in front of you, it will definitely eliminate the mental pressure to remember everything at once.

“Leave It All On The Floor and Have Fun!”

Just like I mentioned in the first tip, over thinking can be the number one culprit of stress as a dancer. By all means, don’t over think concerning your ability as a dancer, or your ability to do the choreography well. Always remember that if you are good enough to get the part, you are definitely  good enough to kill it once you step out on that stage. Be confident in yourself and do what you do best: dance! Give your all in every rehearsal and when it’s time for performance day, go out there and leave it all on the floor. This time of year always brings about such unique experiences and such wonderful memories. So, have fun and rock it!

We here at From the Top are wishing you all the best of luck this Nutcracker season. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next Friday!

Keep Dancing!



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