Gift Ideas For Dancers

Hey there, dancers and welcome back to From the Top! The holidays are quickly approaching and along with them comes all the hustle and bustle. Gift shopping is underway for many of us and while we may know exactly what to get for say, our parents, what exactly do you get for the dancer in your life? Now, I will be the first to say that shopping for a dancer can be a little tricky, especially if you’re not a dancer yourself but don’t fret! Buying the perfect gift for a dancer is not an impossible task and of course, your friends at From the Top are here to help you get the job done! So, if you’re looking for an amazing gift that will make your favorite dancer’s face light up with joy this holiday season, keep reading!

Leotards – Ahh, leotards. The old faithful. For dancers in genres such as ballet, modern and jazz, leotards are honestly the perfect gift. They are the one item that we may love a little too much. First and foremost, start by getting the gift recipients leotard size, that way you are less likely to have to return it if it doesn’t fit. Next, don’t be afraid to ask them what type of leotards do they like most, such as if they prefer long sleeve or short sleeve, camisole or halter. If you’re a dancer buying a leotard for one of your dance friends, you may want to pay extra attention to the type of leotards that they wear to class just to give you a promising idea of what they may like. You can also never go wrong with simply purchasing a classic leotard in a classic color, such as a black long sleeve or black camisole leotard. Though it may be simple, it can still be put to wonderful use!

Legwarmers– The gift that is often so overlooked but loved by so many is legwarmers! They may be making a small comeback in fashion but for dancers, they never left! Legwarmers are perfect during this time of year as they help us warm-up our muscles amid such wintry weather. They come in an array of different colors and picking out of pair that are your dancers’ favorite color/colors will be sure to be a hit! Legwarmers also come in different lengths, such as knee high and over the knee and if you plan on purchasing more than one pair, I highly suggest getting them in different lengths. You can rest assured that they will be put to good use!

Dance Bag or Shoe Bag – This is the perfect gift for dancers of all genres! Dance bags, such as totes, duffle bags and backpacks, are an absolute necessity for the working dancer as it holds everything that we may possibly need. By gifting your dancer with a nice bag that suits their sense of style, you will make their holiday even more special. Another alternative to a sizeable dance bag is a small drawstring bag to hold a couple of pair of dance shoes. It may be a smaller size but makes the same big impact!

Dancewear Gift Cards – Do you know your dancers favorite dancewear store? Then you’re on the right track for this next gift! Purchasing a gift card to your gift recipient’s favorite dancewear store is an absolute shoe-in as the perfect gift! Honestly, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Dance Trinkets and Books – Dance trinkets such as key chains and Christmas tree ornaments are always a cute way to show the dancer in your life that you’re thinking about them this holiday season. Dance related books written by their favorite dance authors and choreographers are also a great gift and perfect to snuggle up with during those cold winter’s nights.

At Home Dance Equipment – No matter whether we’re in the studio or in the privacy of our own homes, dancers are always practicing. So why not help out the dancer in your life with some brand-new dance equipment. This could be anything from therabands, foam roller, roller balls to stretch out our feet or maybe even the holy grail of all at home dance equipment —– the Flexi-Stretcher! Whatever it may be, dance equipment is always a desired gift for dancers of all genres, across the board. So, feel free to do a little research and see what will fit your dancer’s needs!

I hope this post was able to set you on the right track to finding the perfect gift for the dancer or maybe even dancers in your life. Have a fun time shopping, happy holidays and remember….

Keep dancing!


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