How To Slay Choreography In Any Genre

Hey dancers! Did you know the key to dancing choreography well isn’t completely in the dance steps? That’s right! The dance moves are not the one and only key to doing an amazing job in a dance. There is actually a combination of key elements that go into making a dance really pop! But what are those key elements, you may ask. Well today we’re going to share with you those exact answers! So, pull up a chair and get comfortable because we are about to let you in on the top 3 ways you can slay choreography in any and every dance genre! Let’s get started!

Tip #1

“Be Confident”

If you’ve been a part of the From the Top family for a while, this is a tip that I’m sure you all probably saw coming. Confidence is one of the main keys to doing amazing in any genre of choreography as it is something that shows from the inside, out. When you are confident in yourself, that confidence and self -belief will shine through as you dance. This alone will make you stand out, as confidence automatically puts more bounce in your step and causes your moves to create more of an impact. Always remember that what we believe mentally, will manifest itself physically. So, let go of all self – doubt, dance with your head held high, have confidence in the dancer that you are and all your abilities. I promise you that you are enough!


Tip #2

“Don’t Be Afraid To Perform”

Something that really makes a dance special is not being afraid to really perform the choreography. This can be done in many ways such as adding facial expressions, tapping into the emotions of the music, tapping into the emotions of the choreography and exuding positive body language. Make it a point to feed off the energy of the song and connect to the energy of the choreography. Whatever type of vibe the choreographer/teacher had in mind when making the choreography, identify that vibe and let it show in your dancing. So, by all means, don’t be shy! Show ‘em what you got!

Tip #3

Make The Moves Your Own And Be You!

Lastly but most importantly, make the moves your own by adding your own personality and flair to the choreography. Now this doesn’t mean to stray away from the what choreographer has created, this simply means to add who you are as a dancer into the piece. Don’t try to dance like the person in the group before you and don’t try to dance like the person in the group after you. Be authentically yourself. That is how you make a dance YOURS, by completely embodying how the choreography speaks to you. One of the most amazing thing about dancers is that we are all different and no two dancers are alike. This is what you call artistry and we all have our own definition of it. Find yours and apply it to every dance that you do. I can guarantee that it will add something to any dance that only you can bring.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog entry! Be sure to meet us back here every Friday for a brand-new blog post, full of tips, tricks, positivity and inspiration. See you all then and remember…

Keep dancing!


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