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How To Get Rid Of Stage Fright

An issue that many, many, many dancers face is stage fright. It can be so nerve wracking dealing with the unsettling emotions that can creep in before stepping out on stage. Some say that it’s something that all dancers go through at some point and to a degree, that’s true. Every dancer gets those pre-performance jitters before going on stage. However, being nervous and fearful are two different things. If you’re a dancer that struggles with stage fright, know that you’re not alone and as always, From the Top is always here to help! Let’s get started!

Tip #1
“Don’t Pay Attention To The Crowd”

One of the main culprits behind stage fright is the thought of just how many people there are in the crowd watching you dance. I have to be honest, this use to freak me out so much, but I knew that if I was going to be a dancer, I had to get past this and I had to get past it quick. I then began to look for ways to get inside my own head and find a method to help take my focus off of the crowd. The next time I stepped out on stage, I tried something that I hadn’t tried before. As soon as the music started, I literally began to focused on the banister that led to the balcony or the back wall of the stadium and to my delight, it worked like a charm! By finding something else to focus on, you don’t feel self-conscious in the same way as you would if you focused on the faces in the crowd. Now, as time goes on and you continue on your dance journey, you will become more comfortable on stage and looking towards the crowd won’t bother you at all! However, until you reach that point, choosing a different point of focus will definitely work wonders!

Tip #2
“Don’t Worry About Messing Up”

Another factor that causes stage fright is the fear of messing up during your dance in front everyone. Please don’t let this be a worry in your mind at all. Nothing/no one is going to be perfect and if you do mess up, by chance, no one in the audience is going to point and laugh at you. Honestly, chances are, they won’t even notice that you messed up! So, remove all fear out of your way of thinking and take a deep breath. You will be just fine!

Tip #3
“Pick Up Your Confidence”

The third and final tip for getting over any kind of stage fright is to always, always, always keep your confidence. You’ve put in the time and effort to learn your dance, don’t be afraid to go out there and show them what you’ve got! Don’t ever live in fear of anyone’s judgement because in truth, you’re not dancing for them, you’re dancing for you. It’s the love of dance that got you to this point, let’s share that love with all who may watch us! You never know who you may inspire by taking the plunge, going out on that stage and letting your light shine!

I hope these tips were able to help as you conquer your fear and continue on the road to success in your dance journey! As always, I loved having you here today and we can’t wait to see you again next week for a brand new post! Have a great weekend!

Keep dancing!


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