Follow Along Barre Warm-Up Vol. 1

Hey there, dancers! Today, we here at From the Top are so excited to release our very first follow along barre warm-up routine! This routine has all of the elements of a basic ballet barre warm-up with exercises such as plies, tendus, degages, developpes, petit battements and grand battements, all of which can be done on flat and/or en pointe. Not only is this barre routine perfect for personal at home practice for dancers, but it’s also an awesome tool for teachers and can be used as an outline for ballet classes! In addition to all that we have mentioned, this routine has been curated with dancers of all levels in mind, so everyone can join in, hone their skills and have a great time! This is just the first volume of more to come, so make sure you stick around for all the fun! To print out your copy, just click the images below! I truly hope you all enjoy this routine! Until next time, we wish you all a happy and safe weekend!

Keep dancing!


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