How To Get On Top Of Your Pointe Shoe Box, Without Sickling Or Knuckling

Welcome back to From the Top, everyone! Today we’re back with another pointe tip! In this post we’ll be talking about how to fully, properly and safely get on top of your pointe shoe box. Getting up onto your pointe shoe box properly is actually a very common issue amongst dancers, specifically to those just starting pointe. When en pointe, it’s always important to go on your box fully, without sickling or knuckling and today we’re going to share with you some insight on how to do just that! Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Tip #1

“Increase Your Foot Strength”

One way to get onto your box correctly and reach full pointe is to increase your foot strength. Foot strength is extremely important to be able to roll through your shoe thoroughly and be able to achieve full pointe properly. One of the best ways to build up strength in your feet is by simply pointing and flexing your feet for a few 8 counts in the morning when you wake up for the day and at night before bed to work your arches. You can also incorporate equipment such as a theraband to add more resistance to your point and flex exercises, which is a touch that I personally love to add because you are able to see awesome results, fast!  In addition to point and flex exercises, you can also increase your foot strength by doing releves for 16 counts, once a day. This is another classic technique that really works!


 Tip #2

“Increase Your Foot Flexibility”

As always in dance, strength and flexibility go hand in hand. With the importance to increase the strength of your feet, comes an equal importance to increase the flexibility of your feet. Methods to increase your foot flexibility include rolling out your arches with a tennis ball or rubber foot roller. You can also stretch your feet the “old fashioned way” by pushing over your arches and giving your knees a slight bend. Do both of these exercises twice a day after doing your foot strengthening exercises and you’ve got yourself a shoe in (no pun intended) for some awesome results!

Tip #3

“Make Sure To Really Roll Through Your Pointe Shoe”

One of the main ways to properly get onto your box is by really making it a point to roll through your pointe shoe on the way up to your box. Don’t rush your way through your releve. Be sure to really work through demi pointe and then make your way up to your box. By doing so, you will gather the necessary momentum to get on top of your box securely and most importantly, properly, without sickling or knuckling.

Tip #4

“Point Your Foot In Your Shoe and Distribute Your Body Weight Evenly”

A common mistake that most new pointe dancers make is simply rolling up onto the box and just letting their feet rest, idly in that position, instead of pointing their feet in the shoe. Trust me, this is a mistake that is very common and one that I made myself when I first started pointe. However, by pointing your feet in your shoes, you will get on top of your box fully, securely and most of all, safely! And lastly, a very important element to achieving full pointe without sickling or knuckling is to really be sure to use proper body alignment in order to distribute your body weight evenly. Remember to always keep your core tight, spine straight, work through your hamstrings instead of your quads, and tuck your hips. For an in depth breakdown of ballet body alignment, check out our blog post titled,“Ballet Form Explained”! We’re always here to walk you through every part of your journey with you! Link is located below!



So, the next time you practice your pointe work, combine all of these elements and watch as your progress grows day by day!

Well my friends, that’s all for today’s blog post! I hope these tips have been a help to you and by all means, please give them a try! Wishing you a wonderful weekend and we’ll see your right back here next Friday!


Keep dancing!


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