Bloch “Elastosplit X” Ballet Shoe

Hello, dancers and welcome to another segment of “Love It or Leave It”! It’s been a minute since we’ve done one of these and let me tell you, it feels SO good to be back on the saddle, doing another review for you guys! In today’s segment, we’re going to be reviewing Bloch’s “Elastaosplit X” Canvas Ballet Shoes. This shoe has been around for quite some time and has gained quite a following. Upon its release, this shoe was one of the most talked about shoes on the market (at least in my neck of the woods). The reason being? This is a ballet shoe that has basically no sole. Yes, you read that correctly. This shoe has no bottom coverage, except for on the balls of your feet and your heel, both of which are connected by two criss-crossed pieces of elastic. With such a unique design, how does this shoe do in terms of comfort, break in time and performance? We’ll find out in this episode of “Love It or Leave It”! Let’s get right into it!

Bloch “Elastosplit X” Product Description

The Elastosplit X is described as a shoe that f eatures “a canvas upper and elastic attachments that contour the natural lines of the foot. The symmetrical design provides support and security. Neoprene inserts allow room for the metatarsal joints when going through demi-pointe. The shoe molds to the sole of the foot, hugging the arch, and enhancing line of the foot.” (full product description found at http://www.discoutdancesupply.com )

Now that we know what this shoe is said to offer, let’s dive into the details and discuss the accuracy of the description above, shall we?


Full Review

Upon first impression, the “Elastosplit X” fitrs rather snug, which is not out of the ordinary for dance shoes of any kind. It does, however, hug all the right places of the foot! You definitely feel the metatarsal support as listed in the description, which supplies an amazing sense of security. The break in process is slightly different than that of a shoe with a full coverage sole. Where the focus of break in is usually in the arch, this shoe’s break in focus is in the ball of the feet. However, structural differences aside, I would say this shoe is fairly easy to break in. As a matter of fact, I would even dare to say that this shoe is one of the easiest pairs of shoes to break in that I have ever worn and it truly lives up to its claim of molding to the shape of your foot. They almost feel custom made, as if this is your s hoe. No one else’s, just yours. Needless to say, I LOVE that about them!

Some of this “custom made feel” can be credited to the canvas sole being replaced with the “X” formation elastic, which is conveniently already sewn into the shoe (yes!). On the onset, this was a feature that I had to get used to, as I had been accustomed to full canvas soled ballet slippers since I was 3 years old. As I mentioned in the paragraph above, there is a slight tightness in the shoe at first, which is due to the elastic sole. However, once used on a consistent basis, the elastic does stretch to make for a beautiful fit. I’ve found that the best and most time efficient way to loosen up the shoe’s elastic sole is to hold the shoe at each end and pull the shoe in a back and forth motion. Works like a charm!

The Question At Hand…Or Foot.

Upon its release, the Elastosplit was often faced with one question: since it does not have the sole of a traditional ballet shoe, will they be acceptable to wear in a ballet class? This ballet shoe has a very fresh, contemporary design that brilliantly challenges the laws of tradition. Personally, I was, and still am, able to wear this shoe when I take a ballet class with no problem. However, when I attend master classes or whenever I’ ve gone on auditions, I do opt for a more traditional ballet slipper just to play it safe, as each teacher and class have different preferences. The best way to answer this question is to base it on what you know your studio will and will not allow. However, if you cannot w ear them in your everyday classes due to studio or organization policy, this shoe still makes for an amazing back up shoe to keep around for any other needs!

The Moment Of Truth

And now for the moment of truth! The Bloch “Elastosplit X” Canvas Ballet Slipper: Do we love it or do we think you should leave it?
We LOVE IT, of course!
This shoe is so unique, versatile and extremely stylish. The concept of the shoes is absolutely genius and makes you feel like your spicing up your ballet attire whenever you slip these bad boys on! They bring out your arches beautifully and even challenge you to work through your foot as much as you possibly can. All in all, I highly recommend this shoe to anyone who has been on the fence about trying it out. They’re awesome!

Thank you all so much for spending your Friday morning, afternoon or night with us! Be on the lookout for more “Love It or Leave It” segments coming very soon! Have a great day, you guys!

Keep dancing!


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