A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Welcome back to From The Top, everyone! If there is one thing we love to do here at FTT, it’s definitely shopping! It’s so much fun to find dance products that are super functional and stylish. So, in today’s blog post, we’ve decided to do something that is (almost) as fun as shopping. We’ve curated a list of some of our favorite dance products of the past and present, that we absolutely love and think every dancer should try out! So, grab your shopping carts and let’s get right to it!

Capezio Fishnet Tights

These are a pair of tights like no other. Don’t get me wrong, there are many amazing fishnet tights out there designed by amazing brands, but these Capezio Fishnet Tights take the cake! From floorwork to hasty quick changes, these tights can handle most anything us dancer can possibly put them through. In addition to being super cute, they’re very durable and extremely easy to put on in a flash. They are definitely our fishnet holy grail!

Photo credit: capezio.com

Balera Longer Length Shorts

Shorter than bike shorts, longer than booty shorts, super comfortable and extremely secure. These are just a few ways to describe Balera’s Longer Length Shorts. An absolute must on our list of favorites, these shorts really stay in place and don’t ride up, which makes them perfect for the studio and the stage. If you are looking for a dance short with the perfect amount of coverage, these are definitely a fantastic option!

Photo credit: dancewearsolutions.com

From The Top’s Power Of Movement Tee
Since the grand opening of our dancewear and online shoppe in August 2019, our “Power Of Movement” Tee has been a beloved favorite amongst dancers and dance lovers alike. Made from breathable and high quality materials, this tee features a powerful message that bears witness to the impact that dance makes on the lives of people all over the globe! Whether you are looking for something stylish to sport in your next dance class, wanting to make a bold statement in your next on stage performance or just want to show your love for the art of dance, this shirt is the perfect piece to remind us all to “Never Underestimate The Power Of Movement”! If you would like to shop this shirt, as well as our other products, please visit the link below!

Shop Link: https://fromthetopdb.wixsite.com/shop/shop

Capezio’s The Big Tip

The next product on our list is none other than Capezio’s “The Big Tip”, two small gel lined pads that are made specifically for your big toes when dancing en pointe. This product is the perfect piece of added protection to include with your daily set of pointe products, as they really help relieve any added pressure to your big toe while en pointe. For this reason, I highly recommend them for new pointe dancers! They wonderfully aid in helping you get used to the feeling of dancing en pointe when you’re first starting out!

Photo credit: capezio.com

Bunheads Therabands

The last item on our list is one that we have mentioned many, many times before here on the blog and that is Bunheads Therabands! Available in three different weight strengths, these therabands have truly stood the test of time in the dance industry. Not only are they perfect for improving your ankle strength and foot flexibility, but they also make amazing stretching companions and can help you take your flexibility to the next level. They’re also super durable and last for years. These therabands will forever be close to our dancing little hearts!

Photo credit: Amazon.com

 And that concludes our list for just SOME of our favorite dance products! If you haven’t tried any of the products listed above, I highly suggest giving them a go! You will absolutely fall in love with every last one. As always, we wish you a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you right back here next Friday for another blog post!

Keep dancing!


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