2019 Gift Guide For Dancers

Happy Holidays, dancers and welcome to BLOGMAS DAY 1! We are super excited to host our very first 12 Days Of Vlogmas with twelve days straight of dance related holiday content from now until Christmas. To kick off this challenge, we want to share with you one of our favorite From The Top traditions, our annual holiday gift guide for dancers! So, whether you’re looking for a gift for your dance friends, the dancer in your family or just for yourself (that counts as Christmas shopping, right?), we have gift items that are sure to be a hit! Let’s get shoppin’!

1. A Turnboard – For The Dancer Who Loves To Twirl
Alright, first on this year’s list is the beloved turnboard. This is a gift that is perfect for the dancer who loves turns, such as myself. These make for excellent practice to both improve turns and to even help you gain the necessary skills to add on more turns. And did we mention, it turns you into a spotting machine? I mean, with this thing, you really have no choice but to become the mr.miagi of pirouettes. Just saying!

2. Warm-Ups – For The Dancer Who Likes To Keep Their Muscles Nice & Cozy
You know that one dancer in the class who likes to keep on their warm-ups until the very last minute? Yeah, this gift is perfect for them! Warm-ups such as sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants and cozy jumpers are a home run for the dancer in your life who likes to make sure their muscles are loose, warm and ready for anything a class may throw at them. As a matter of fact, this tip could actually be used as a *hint* for what’s coming up for BLOGMAS day 2. Stay tuned!

3. Dance Themed Streetwear – For The Dancer Who Likes To Make A Statement
This gift idea can be a great gift for both dancers and dance supporters alike. Dance themed streetwear, such as our very own statement tees, are perfect to show your love for what you do or for the art form of dance in general! To pick up one for your dancer this holiday season, visit our online store vis the link below!

4. Bluetooth Speaker – For The Dance Teacher In Your Life
A few years ago, a dance student of mine was sweet enough to gift me a brand new Bluetooth speaker and it inspired me to add this product to this year’s gift guide! Bluetooth speakers are a dream come true for a dance teacher, especially those who travel to various locations to teach classes. So if you know a dance teacher or choreographer that would get a kick out of having one of their own (no pun intended), I highly recommend going for it and picking up one this Holiday season!

5. Dance Art – For The Dancer Who Loves To Decorate Their Space
And last but not least, our fifth and final gift idea is dance related art. Whether it be dance related quotes to hang on their wall or a portrait of their number one dance inspiration, this is a perfect gift for any dancer who loves to add personal touches to their home or even for dance studio owners to embellish their studio. Top it all off with a nice frame, and you’ve got a gift to remember!

Well that’s all for this year’s gift guide and for BLOGMAS day 1! We hope you found exactly what you were looking for on this list and as always, we wish a great weekend and a happy holiday season.

Keep dancing!


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