The Perfect Match: How To Choose The Dance Studio That Is Right For You

Hello there, dancers and welcome to the first From The Top blog post of 2020! As the new year rolls in, there are quite a few people who are looking to try new things and naturally taking up dance is usually one of the many excursions on the list! However, in the conquest to begin your dance training, you may be seeking an answer to a very important question: “Which dance studio should I choose?”. Well, don’t fret because you know your family at From The Top has got your back! Aside from choosing a studio to begin your dance training, these tips could also be helpful to dancers who are going into this new year searching for a new studio to continue their training. No matter the situation, just sit back and relax because we’re going to share some quick and easy pointers to help you find the best studio that is right for you! Let’s get started!

Tip #1
Pinpoint What Style Of You Would Like To Study

Did you know that no two dance studios are exactly the same? Every dance studio is different and has their own set of repertoire that makes them unique! There are some studios that focus on numerous different styles of dance, while others may only focus on one specific style of dance. This is why our first tip in choosing your perfect studio fit is so important. By picking which genre of dance you’re wanting to get involved in this year, you are taking the first step in the right direction of finding your perfect match. For example, if you’re looking to study ballet and hip hop, finding a studio that offers these styles, as well as a wide variety of others could be your best bet. If you’re wanting to give salsa dancing a go (*cough* ME! *cough*), a studio that specifically focuses on ballroom dance will suit your needs perfectly! Want to get fit this year with Zumba? Choosing a dance studio and/or a fitness gym with weekly Zumba classes are absolutely perfect to help you get healthy and moving! By finding a studio that you know offers classes in the specific style(s) of dance that you want to jump into, you’ll feel right at home with the perfect fit for your dance training needs!

Tip #2
Time For Some Research
Now that you’ve pinpointed what styles of dance you want to get involved in and a studio to fit your needs, it’s time to do a bit of research. I am a firm believer in knowing what you’re walking into before you walk into it (or should I say “dance into it”?) Once you have found a good studio prospect, dive into finding reviews from current and past customers, and read what they have to say about the establishment. Does the studio hold a reputation of cleanliness? Are the staff friendly and accommodative? Are the classes timely and effective? All of these questions and more can be answered by reading just a few helpful reviews. You can even take it a step further and call the studio and request a tour to see everything for yourself. Don’t be afraid to really get involved in your research, as this is your time, money and dance training that are all involved and you ideally want to have the best experience possible.

Tip #3
Keeping It Local Can Be A Huge Plus

Our next tip for finding your perfect studio match is making the attempt to find a studio that is in close proximity of your home and/or work. Sometimes after having a long day, it can be very brooding to have to travel far distances for just an hour or two of your time. By choosing a studio that is in close proximity, you’ll enjoy the convenience of being able to accomplish your set goal without the drag of having to go far out of the way at the end of hectic days and weeks! And if the studio of your dreams just so happens to be located outside of your desired proximity, that’s perfectly okay as well! Just remember that the distance is worth the accomplishment that you will feel once you meet your goal!

Tip #4

Testing The Waters
And finally, our fourth tip is to test the waters of a studio before going all in, if possible. If the studio that you have your eyes on has community classes that are open to the public or non-committal, pay as you attend classes, I highly recommend taking those classes first before enrolling in a set class program. Doing this allows you to get to know the atmosphere of the studio, the way classes are conducted, helps you to get to know the staff a bit and most importantly, allows you to see if this studio will aid in your development as a dancer.

And that’s a wrap for the first blog post of 2020! I hope this post was able to help set you on the right path of finding the dance studio of your dreams this year! I must say, I am oh-so excited for the wonderful things we have lined up for the year 2020. We’re always brainstorming on ways to make our online dance community even better than the year before and we believe you guys are going to really enjoy what we have planned! Until we meet again next Friday, have a fantastic weekend and remember…

Keep dancing!


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