Tips For Getting Back On Pointe

Welcome back to From The Top, everyone! Today we will be discussing tips for getting back on pointe. Sometimes we go through periods in our career and/or dance training where we may have taken a break from pointe or maybe have not been able to be as active en pointe as we would like, and now have the desire to pick it up once more. However, sometimes within those breaks, our ankle and foot strength may weaken in time and we must work to build them up once again. This is why today we’re going to be sharing with you all our most effective and safe tips to help you get back on the pointe saddle!

Disclaimer: This post is specifically for dancers with prior, extensive pointe experience, who are currently taking standard ballet classes. These tips are in no way intended for pointe beginners or those without prior pointe experience.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started!

Tip #1
“Eleves And Releves Are Always The Ticket”
This first tips almost goes without saying since releves and eleves are the holy grail exercise for strengthening your ankles. Whether you’re working to achieve pointe status, currently en pointe or wanting to get back on pointe, releves & eleves will get the job done by really targeting your ankles, calves and arches! Dy doing 16 counts of eleves, followed by 16 counts of releves once to twice a day, you’ll get yourself on the fast track to becoming as strong as ever!


Tip #2
“Bring On Theraband, Baby!”
Sheesh, did you guys see that title? How extra was that? Any who. Let’s continue on with this blog post by bringing in yet another pointe prep holy grail. The oh-so dependable and widely loved Theraband! Using a theraband to add resistance to the classic point and flex foot routine will quickly and effectively restore both your foot flexibility and strength. Add in this exercise before your releve/eleve routine or do them separately, either way, this method really works! Want faster results? We recommend implementing this practice once to twice a day.

Tip #3
Ease Into Everything
Once you have had a significant amount of prep time and you feel as though your ankles are strong enough to dip your toes back into the water, it is time to grab our pointe shoes! However, instead of just slipping our shoes on and going for it full throttle with turns, variations and center work, we highly recommend easing i nto practice. You’ve been on a break and are now heading back into familiar territory. Let’s begin by first getting our bodies reacquainted to the feel of pointe shoes by starting with some barre work. Eleves en pointe, releves en pointe, bourres in place, as well as brushing up on your en pointe balancing skills in 1st and 5th position are WONDERFUL ways to reintroduce yourself to pointe exercise and get you prepared for our final tip!

Tip #4
Getting Back Into The Routine

Now that you have gotten your feet wet again, let’s head back to class and pick up where we left off! The perfect way to get back on the saddle is by choosing the pointe class difficulty level that is right for you and makes you feel the most comfortable as you’re getting back into the routine, no matter what level it may be. If you feel as though you would be more comfortable by starting with a beginner or intermediate class by all means, start there and work your way back up. If you know that you can go full throttle back into the class level in which you left off, by all means, go for it! You know where you are in your strength and what you can handle right away, as well as what you may need to get familiar with. If you would like to consult your dance teacher for a second opinion on class placement, by all means, do so. All-in-all, please make sure you are being safe as you reopen this part of your dance journey and to take care of your body in the best way possible. Pointe has always been a rather serious topic due to the amount of bodily strength needed to handle it without injury. Your FTT Family and so many others want to see you dancing for a long time. So, be safe, have fun and enjoy the process of picking up where you left off!

I wish you all the best of luck as you endeavor to reignite this part of your dance training! I hope these tips are a help to you as you prepare to get back on the pointe saddle and as always, we wish you a safe and happy weekend!

Keep dancing!


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