You Can

Good Afternoon, dancers and thanks for tuning in to another From The Top blog post! Today we are going to be talking a little bit about the word “can’t”, the weight that it holds and how it affects our goals and mentality as dancers, artists and athletes. As we all know, of course, the word “can’t” is a rather heavy word that is often filled with much negativity. When you look at the prospect of an achievable goal or a challenge and say to yourself, “Oh, I can’t do that.”, you’re planting a seed in your heart and mind that destroys anything amazing that could spring forth from that challenge. This is the detriment of such a word.

As dancers, artists and athletes, we are constantly striving to become a better version of ourselves. It is our goal to be a better dancer this year than we were last. To become a better artist this season than we were last season. This is the glorious ladder of artistry that drives us to become the best we can be, not for anyone else per say, but for our own personal feeling of accomplishment. But you see, we can never grow to reach and exceed our potential by thriving in a mindset of “can’t”. New seed will not grow in the soil of negativity. This is where a new way of thinking comes into play. A new change in mindset.

As we grow and become more seasoned in our craft, the challenges we face along our journey may become more intense. However, just because the intensity is raised, it doesn’t mean that we have to succumb to the challenge and buckle under the pressure. I tell my dance students constantly that without new challenges, there is no way we can grow. So after one level of athleticism, technique and artistry is achieved, we move onto to the next level, all while fully attaining the knowledge that was just learned and using it to its advantage. To do this, we must have an open mind . A mind that instead of saying “I can’t do that” or “I don’t think I’m going to be able to do that”, it says “This may be a little tricky for me right now, but give me some time and I’ll get it.”

And that’s what it takes to continue to grow, not only as dancers, but as human beings going about everyday life, striving for our personal goals and working everyday to meet them.Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or a professional dancer who has been in the business for years, the beautiful thing about dancing is that we are all constantly still learning. So, let’s continue to learn in love and positivity. Know that you are capable of achieving whatever your heart desires, accept your challenges with grace, get back up when you’re knocked down, and keep the eye of the tiger. You know why? Because you can.

Keep dancing!


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