The Audition Series Part 1 & 2 (FTT Traditions)

A tradition that has stood the test of time! Hey there, dancers and welcome back to From The Top! Audition season is here and dancers everywhere are running to and fro to castings and callbacks once again. As we go throughout this busy time of year, we want to bring back a FTT tradition and favorite to help you along this audition season with our two part “Audition Series”! From tips on how to prep for your next audition, how to make the most out of an audition and even how to cope with the uncomfortable reality of rejection, our Audition series will help you embark on this hectic time of year feeling prepared and ready to show the world what you’re made of! Visit the links below to read. Have a wonderful weekend and best of luck this audition season!

Keep dancing!


Part 1: “Auditions 101”


Part 2: Overcoming Rejection


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