3 Things I’ve Learned As A Dance Teacher

Hey there, dancers! In today’s blog post segment, I thought we would dive into a subject that is a bit more personal to me, which is 3 Things I’ve learned as a dance teacher. As you all may know, I’ve been dancing since I was a child and have been a performer for many years, but teaching has my heart. I absolutely adore pouring what I’ve learned throughout years into others and watching dancers grow into their best selves. I’ve learned many things along my journey as a teacher, and while I know I will learn much more, here are the top three things that I’ve learned so far that are most dear to my heart.

1. How To Discover & Relate To The Different Ways Dancers Learn

One of the biggest things every dance teacher knows is that no two dancers learn the same way. Just in a human nature sense, everyone is different, with their own thought process, and in result have their own way of picking up new things. Being a dance teacher has taught me not only how to relate to my students in this manner, but even how to pinpoint how each of my students learn. Through communication and observation, I’m able to get to know the way that they think and how they process information in order to effectively teach them in the way that they learn best and ultimately help them grow into an even better dancer.

2. How To Broaden My Own Creative Imagination From class combos and across the floor routines to full blown performance pieces, being a dance teacher has truly taught me how to broaden my own creative imagination. I always like to keep my classes exciting and always enjoy introducing new, improving and challenging aspects to each class to help keep everything “fresh” and to continue to excel dancers from one level to the next. In return, my desire to do this keeps my creative imagination vivid and sharp. It exercises my mind and pushes me to always outdo myself, in a way. I’m a person who is always hungry for knowledge and self betterment, so this aspect of being a teacher not only aids in the benefit of my students, but to me as a teacher!

3. The Joy Of Watching Dancers Grow & Evolve
This last point just might be my favorite. As I mentioned before, watching your dancers grow with time and training is such a fantastic feeling as a teacher. Whether it be a group or one-on-one private lessons, seeing the improvement of my students is always such a boost for me because I can see them conquering hurdles that they may have never imagined they could conquer in the past. Watching your class rise to challenges, go beyond their comfort zone and become an even better version of themselves will always be an aspect of teaching that brings me joy. That’s truly what it’s all about.

What have you learned throughout your time as a dance teacher? Let us know in the comments below! We always love to hear from our FTT Family! As always, we appreciate you hanging out with us today and we wish you a wonderful weekend! And until we meet again next Friday….

Keep dancing!


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