Follow Along Ballet Barre: Vol. 1 & 2 (w/ music!)

Hey there, dancers! Funny to see us here on a Tuesday, right? As I’m sure you all may know, ballet studios all over the world are temporarily closing for the safety of students and staff during this very crazy time. However, just because we may not be able to continue our training in our favorite studios, that doesn’t mean we have to stop dancing! With that being said, if you and your friends are looking for a fun and effective way to stay up on your ballet training, check out our Follow Along Ballet Barre Warm-Up Routines! Perfect for all levels, Vol. 1 (released June 2019) is an amazing workout for beginner – intermediate dancers, while Vol. 2 (released December 2019) is the perfect pointe practice. And what’s a Barre warm up without a little music? Pair any of these two barre routines with our “Ballet Barre Playlist” on Spotify to create an at home ballet class so good, you’ll feel like you never even left the studio! Both Ballet Barre Routines and the Ballet Barre Playlist are linked down below.

We hope you enjoy these Barre Routines as much as we enjoy making them! Stay safe and remember, against all odds…

Keep dancing!


Ballet Barre Routine Vol. 1: https://fromthetopdanceblog.blog/2019/06/28/follow-along-barre-warm-up-vol-1/

Ballet Barre Routine Vol. 2: https://fromthetopdanceblog.blog/2019/12/16/follow-along-barre-warm-up-vol-2/

Ballet Barre Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6XOf3ROjfKAlQr4qgeUKYA?si=nVcmgIGvTH-hy3JxxPxi5g

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