Showing Yourself Love

Hey there, dancers and welcome back to From The Top! Today’s blog post is all about 5 healthy habits that we personally believe that every dancer should put into practice. Taking care of our bodies is such a huge theme here at From The Top as we know that our bodies are our biggest instrument in our profession. The more we show ourselves love both inside and out, the farther our bodies will carry us in our journey. These tips will focus on 5 wonderful ways to pour into ourselves to put our best foot forward no matter how strenuous or busy our career, training or schedules may be. Let’s get right into it.

Healthy Habit #1
Getting Enough Rest

Healthy habit number one is of course, getting enough rest. Sleep rejuvenates, restores and heals the body in a way that nothing else can. Studies show that the human body needs anywhere between 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night, and while it may not always be feasible to meet this criteria due to different circumstances, it is still so important to get as much sleep as you can. By taking the time to rest, you show your body the ultimate amount of love and prepare it for another long day of dancing.

Healthy Habit #2
Eating Well

Now, this next tip is one that we hear all of the time, but this time we mean it in a slightly different way. The term “eating well” in this case is not so much of changing your eating habits from pizza to salads (which is also quite beneficial). This tip mostly applies to eating consistently and making sure that you are eating enough . Skipping out on breakfast in the morning or forgetting to eat lunch due to a busy schedule is common, but not necessarily beneficial. So make sure you show your body love in this way, as well. Make sure to always fuel your body with it’s needed nutrition, eating all three meals each day and even adding in healthy snacks in between meals. This way you’ll never feel fatigued or sick due to hunger as you’re going throughout your day.

Healthy Habit #3
Drinking Water

Ah, the healthy habit holy grail! Though I, too, am someone who loves their coffee, juices and gatorade, there is just nothing quite as refreshing and beneficial like good, old fashioned water. After all, our bodies are made up of 50% – 65% of it! Water keeps us hydrated, keeps our skin glowing, eliminates bloating and has the amazing ability to give us more energy without containing a lick of caffeine! So give your body more of what it needs, more of what its made of and make water your number one source of rejuvenation,

Healthy Habit #4
Maintaining A Cardio & Strengthening Routine

Let’s grab our favorite trainers and get moving! Finding a strengthening and cardio workout routine that best suits you is so beneficial to our health as dancers, as it helps build our stamina, builds muscle and keeps our heart health in check, all of which are extremely important in our line of work! You’ll be surprised how an annual leg day within every week will result in better execution of kicks, leaps and tricks. Or how picking up a new abdominal routine will strengthen your core to take your turns to new heights! In addition, you’ll begin to notice how well your body holds up in long and intense classes and how you’ll feel more physically confident to take on anything that is thrown your way!

Healthy Habit #5
Self Love, Self Care & Self Support

 And our fifth and final healthy habit is to simply be good to yourself. There is nothing more important than your own self image. How you view yourself, how you support yourself, how you show yourself love. By simply being good to ourselves and taking care of our mental health, our true potential will absolutely shine. You’ll put your best foot forward and go toward achieving your goals with grit, optimism and unmoveable determination. Sometimes it’s not just our bodies that need to stay strong, our minds do as well. And in an industry where it’s mind over matter in a lot of situations, practicing habits of self love will emotionally equip you with all that it takes to reach your ultimate goals in this journey.

Thank you all so much for spending this Friday here with us! As always, it was an absolute joy to have you here. Have a wonderful holiday weekend, be safe and remember…

Keep dancing!


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