The Importance Of Listening To Your Body

Happy Friday to all and welcome back to From The Top! We hope you all are doing well and staying safe as we begin to venture back out into normality after dealing with this very strange time. Today we will be talking about health and wellness by visiting the subject of why i t is so important to listen to your body. As I mention quite often here on From The Top, our bodies are our main instruments and there are many ways to take care of it. One of the biggest ways to take care of our bodies is by simply listening to them. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “How do you effectively l isten to your body?” Well, listening to your body is simply taking notice to your body’s natural ques. Knowing when to slow down, knowing when to push, knowing when to rest and even knowing when to take a break. When we listen to our bodies, we’re able to produce our best work and give our absolute best to our craft. So, today we are going to expound on four advantages of listening to your body and how it benefits your training/career as a dancer! Let’s get into it!

1. Prevents Physical Fatigue & Injury

The first advantage of listening to your body that we would like to touch on is the fact that by listening to your body, you will prevent physical fatigue and physical injury. When your body is overworked and tired, it can deteriorate over time. This manifests through things like extreme muscle soreness, lack of energy and the constant need for sleep. This also allows your body to become open and vulnerable to physical injuries. The reason why these symptoms begin to manifest in the first place is because your body is trying to communicate what it needs. However, by listening to your body and taking the rest that you need when your body is kindly asking you for it, you will stay one step ahead of all of these symptoms. It is not a crime to need some down time every once and awhile. Being invested in our craft is absolutely amazing, but we must keep our bodies intact to invest effectively and completely with healthy, strong bodies. Smart investment in your health now will produce a long and lively career down the line!

2. Prevents Your Immune System From Weakening

Did you know that pushing your body beyond its personal limits can actually make you sick? That’s right. When the body begins to take on more than it can bare at the time, it can manifest in physical illness. I am not proud to say that I have pushed myself to this point before. As dancers, our schedules are very jam pact and can, at times, be unpredictable. I have heard my body tell me that it needed some down times and I received all of the signs, but I naively ignored it at the time. All of sudden, I came down with sinus symptoms that I had to fight to keep from turning into an infection. The kicker was that I felt completely healthy in my sinuses beforehand, but the more I ignored my body’s need for rest, the worst I began to feel. I say all of this to say that I am talking from experience here and definitely have paid the price in this area when I didn’t listen to my body. However, just by showing your body some love, you have way better chances of not dealing with avoidable sickness and staying as healthy as you can! Now, of course, we all encounter cooties from time to time. That is just all a part of being human. But any way to be one step ahead is always nice.

3. Supports Emotional Health

 Listening to your body not only prevents physical fatigue, but it also prevents mental fatigue as well. Sometimes we encounter moments where our brain just feels like it isn’t connecting and pushing ourselves too far can definitely do that to us. One thing I have come to learn is that whatever affects your body has a tendency to want to wonder itself to your mind. By listening to our body and showing ourselves TLC, you ensure that you will continue to keep showing up to your craft in both body and spirit.

4. Lessens The Chances Of “Burn Out”
And finally, another huge advantage of listening to our bodies is that it lessens the chances of burnout. This kind of goes hand in hand with point number 3. When we take care of ourselves, mind, body and spirit, our chances of having a long and prosperous dance career is easily in reach. The healthier we keep ourselves, the stronger we feel. The stronger we feel, the more we can give. The more we can give, the more we can achieve. And the more we can achieve, the prouder we feel of who and what we have become. To reach our goals, we must take care of this house that we abide and travel in during our time on this earth. Let’s always do our best to make our bodies a happy home.

That’s all for today, dancers! We thank you all so much for spending this Friday with us. As always, we wish you love, longevity and a wonderful weekend! See you all next week and remember…

Keep dancing!


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