Moving Forward: Tips To Keep In Mind As We Head Back To The Studio

Well dancers, the day that we have been anticipating since March of 2020 is finally here! As I am sure we all know, we have been in a worldwide fight against Covid-19 for months and now with the progression of time, many dance studios around the world are slowly beginning to reopen their doors for their students! However, our world has changed drastically since our last in person meeting at our dance homes away from home and there are quite a few new safety precautions that we must take until further notice. So, as we begin to trickle back into the routine, here are just a few things we believe to be very important for every dancer to keep in mind during this time. Let’s get started!

1. Please Wear A Face Mask To Class, If Asked By Your Studio.

Our first recommended tip is number one on this list based on its importance. During this time, it is crucial that we protect ourselves from this virus, as well as do our part to protect others and we can do this by simply wearing a face mask. A number of dance studios are requiring the wearing of face masks both for their teachers and their students in order for us to not only be able to dance again, but for us to be able to dance again safely . Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Oh, of course, Lexi! That’s a no brainer!” You’re right! For a big portion of the population, it is most definitely a no brainer and seen as the most responsible thing to do. However, there are quite a bit of people on the flip side who are rather defiant towards wearing a mask. Sure, wearing a mask in public, and especially in a dance class, is rather weird to say the least, as none of us expected to have to walk this journey going into 2020. But as unconventional as it may be, it is the responsible decision and a very effective method of not spreading or contracting the virus. So if your dance studio is requiring the wearing of face masks, we highly encourage it. If your studio is not requiring the wearing of face masks, but you would like to do so anyway for your own personal safety, we encourage that as well. Let’s do what must be done now, so that we don’t have to do it much longer.

2. Be Respectful Of Other People’s Space

As dance classes continue to resume all across the globe and studios happily begin to post their long awaited “first day back” photos on social media, the one thing that most of these photos have in common is the marking tape that designates six feet worth of distances between each student. We think this is an absolutely wonderful idea to ensure that we are following the guidelines of safety, even as we return back to dance. This brings us to our next tip, which is to please, always be respectful of other people’s space. If the studio guidelines are asking for a completely contactless class, please follow those guidelines as they will not only keep us dancing now, but will ensure that we will be able to keep dancing in the future.

3. Sanitize. Before, After, And Even During Class

Our third tip is to sanitize your hands very regularly while you are out at class. It’s very important for us to keep our hands clean as this is one of the areas of our bodies that can transfer illness. So, before heading into the studio and after class is done, we highly encourage the use of hand sanitizer to make sure that you do not bring in any unknown germs into the studio or leave out of the studio with any unknown germs. Want to go a bit of the extra mile for more confidence? Every now and again, feel free to use a couple of pumps even during class. For example, if you’re taking a ballet class, use a bit of hand sanitizer after barre. Many classes are taught in each studio room and while studios are going the extra mile in terms of sanitary safety, it is still always good to be personally accountable.

4. If You Are Feeling Ill, Please Stay Home.

And our fourth and final tip is possibly the m ost important and that is, if you are feeling a bit under the weather, please stay home. Here at From The Top, we have always been a firm believer and very vocal about the belief that pushing forward to dance class when you’re feeling a bit ill is not always the best decision, and this time the precaution is on 100. Though we may be doing all of the tips listed above, it is of the highest importance that we play everything safe and simply stay home for a moment if we are not feeling well, no matter teacher or student. This is the ultimate way of taking care of ourselves, as well as showing care to others during this time.


We hope these tips were able to be a help to you all as we transition into this momentary new normal. Though we are collectively having to take some extra precautions, we are so happy to be back and dancing in the studio! Please remember to take care of yourself, take care of others and always remember…

Keep dancing!


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