Love It or Leave It?: Capezio Pirouette II Canvas Shoes Review

Hello and happy Friday, From The Top Family! Today is another installment to a crowd favorite; our dance product review segment “Love It or Leave It?” For those of you who are new here, “Love It or Leave It” is a blog post segment dedicated to sharing our own personal experiences with different dance products. We will be giving our honest and unbiased opinion, weighing out the pros and the cons of the product, and concluding with the grand decision: Do we love it or do we think you should leave it? In today’s segment, we will be reviewing the Capezio II Pirouette Canvas Shoes! Released over a decade ago, these shoes have been hot on the dance market for quite some time and have been seen in many contemporary classes and dance competitions since at least 2007. After seeing these used on the scene for so long and being a sucker for ANYTHING that has to do with turns, I knew I had to get my hands on a pair and try them for myself. Well, I used these shoes for quite some time and here are my honest and uncut thoughts on the Capezio Pirouette II Canvas Shoes. Let’s get right into the review!

Product Description

Made of soft 4 way stretch canvas material, the Capezio Pirouette II Canvas Shoes are described as a shoe that will help you “pirouette like that pros”! Further description of this shoe is as follow:
“T he half sole design offers the best of both worlds. Ultra soft canvas hugs the forefoot while the open heel provides much needed breathability. Elastics around the sides and under the arch of the foot keep you stable while turning non-stop. Capezio logo on ballet-style sole patch adds an exclusive touch.”
(credit: capezio.com)

 This shoe also has a suede pleated sole and guarantees a pinch free fit from the back elastic.

The Pros

Let’s start this review by talking about the pros! This shoe is titled the “Pirouette II” shoe, so it is no surprise that they help you execute turns beautifully. The suede sole provides a magnificent amount of resistance against studio floors, making them not too slippery and not too tough. Having only a forefoot frontal portion to the shoe comes in a world of handy, as it allows your arch to breathe, while showcasing your arches in the process. The elastic that hugs the back of your ankle keeps the shoe in place and will literally never slip off…like ever. It also comes in a rather universal shade of nude, which makes it a wonderful competition costume shoe as well.

The Cons

And now for the one (yes, there is only one) con that i encountered personally and that con would be the fit of the shoe. I have long, narrow feet, and if you have owned this shoe, then you know that it is rather “compact” in size. The elastic on the back made me feel like I was stuffing my feet into the shoe and while the suede sole was dependable, I felt like it didn’t give me the coverage in this area that I needed. That I know of, I did purchase the correct size and I actually do credit the inconvenience of the fit to the structure of my feet. However, that was the only thing I disliked about the shoe and maybe in the future I will repurchase this shoe again and go a size up. Hmm, do you smell an updated review on this shoe in the near future? You just might! *wink wink*

So, do we love it or should you leave it?

Though sizing was a bit of an issue for me, I would still have to say that I love The Pirouette II Shoe! This unique and innovative shoe executes it’s purpose beautifully! Turns of all kinds in this shoe are sure to be clean, stable and the security you feel is amazing. I can also attest to say that this is, indeed, a wonderful competition/recital shoe for jazz, lyrical and contemporary pieces. However, if you are like myself and have longer feet, I would definitely suggest going a size up just to ensure the most comfortable fit.

And that is it for today’s segment of Love It or Leave It! Thanks so much for stopping by and hanging with us here at From The Top! We are wishing each and everyone of you a safe and happy weekend. We’ll see you right back here next Friday. Same time, same place.

Keep dancing!


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