How To Achieve The Perfect Needle

Stretch To Help You Get Your Needle Stretch
What’s going on FTT Family! Today we are going to get our stretch on! We’ll be talking about effective stretches to help you achieve the beautiful needle stunt! Used in dance pictures for years and also providing a fantastic stretch, the needle is kind of a two in one. However to achieve this stunt we must, of course, stretch! So let’s dive into our list, shall we?

Okay, so when going about achieving your Needle, three targeted areas of the body are going to be our main focus: the hamstrings, the hip flexors and the lower back. A Needle is pretty much a standing split. So, let’s discuss how these stretches support these areas, as well as the goal at hand.

Stretches For Hamstrings

–  Knee-To-Chest Stretch: One of my favorite stretches for the hamstrings! This stretch was one of the key factors that helped me achieve my splits many moons ago and it has proven to be beneficial for so many other stretches as well. Needles being one of them! Be sure to stretch each leg towards your chest and to the side of your body, holding there for about 10 seconds each leg.

–  Right & Left Split: Just as we mentioned before, a needle is pretty much just an upright, standing split. So naturally your right and left split would be the perfect stretch to help prepare you to master this new challenge. I would say that having your splits is very necessary in order to achieve your needle. If you already have your splits, I would suggest stretching them a couple of counts longer than usual to really get in a good, deep and SAFE stretch. If you do not have your splits, however, that’s completely fine! We can get you on the road to achieving them! Check out our blog post on right and left splits down below!

Stretches For Hip Flexors

–  Pigeon Stretch: A hip flexor classic! Hold this stretch for about 15 seconds on both sides. Want to add a little something extra? Reach back with your opposite hand and grab the ankle of your extended back leg. This really helps you get a deeper and super effective stretch!

–  Butterfly Stretch: Another classic, the butterfly stretch is perfect for the hip flexors and are a great prep for your needle stretch. Hold this for about 15-20 seconds.

–  Frog Stretch: The frog stretch is kind of a challenge, as it undoubtedly feels a little weird (let’s be honest about it). However, the benefits are amazing! Especially for your needle stunt! For awesome results, hold this for about 20 – 30 seconds!

Stretches For Your Lower Back

–  Cobra Stretch: A From The Top Favorite! Hold this stretch for 10 seconds. To add an upper back element to this stretch, go directly into the downward facing dog right after holding your cobra stretch.

–  Back Bend: If you have your back bend, this is also a wonderful prep for practicing your needle! Hold for 10 seconds.


–  Seated Torso Twist: Used in every dance class, like ever, the seated torso twist definitely has a place on our list! Though very low key, this stretch is essential and very effective.

–  Combre Back: And the last stretch on our list is combres! This stretch is probably my favorite lower back stretch of all because when done consistently, your back flexibility can increase in what seems like a snap of a finger! Hold this stretch for 8 counts, and feel free to do a couple of reps of these for faster results.

● The grand finale of them all…

– The Needle : Of course, the main way to achieve any goal is to practice it! A needle is a pretty big stunt, so please be sure to take your time. Don’t throw away any small signs of progress because slow and steady really does win the race. It’s always our objective to meet our goals safely. Be sure to stretch well and make sure your body is very warm before attempting this stunt. Practice your needle at the end of every stretch routine and we know that you will get it in no time!

We hope that you all enjoyed this week’s blog post! We wish you the best of luck as you work to achieve this goal, amongst many! Have a wonderful weekend and remember…

Keep dancing!



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