Our 2020 Music Favorites For Contemporary

Hello From The Top Family and welcome to the last installment of our 2020 Music Favorites! Today we will be concluding this very fun mini series with one of our personal favorite genres: Contemporary! This is a genre of dance that I truly believe will never have a shortage in music. As long as there is music, there will always be heartfelt songs that move us deeply and inspire us to create. While there have been many beautiful songs released this year, this list is just a few of our favorites that we believe will make for great additions to your next contemporary dance class! Let’s get right into our list with our first pick!

  1. “Everything I Wanted” by Billie Eilish 

You may have seen Billie on our previous “2020 Music Favorites List for Jazz”  and here she is again because, well, the girl is a hit making machine! Written after being inspired by an actual dream she had, Billie Eilish’s “Everything I Wanted” is a melancholic track that just seeps “emotionally invested contemporary piece” from its pores. For this reason and more, we most definitely had to add this song to our list!

  1. “Holy (Acoustic Version)” by Justin Bieber ft. Chance The Rapper

One thing we can all agree on is that Justin Bieber has been on a role this year! The acoustic version of his latest hit “Holy” with Chance The Rapper is a celebration of love and feeling safe with the one your with. Whether used during your warm up or for a sweet partner dance, we knew the moment we heard this track that it would be perfect for your next class.

  1. “Put A Little Love On Me” by Nial Horan 

Nial Horan delivered all of the feels with his latest hit “Put A Little Love On Me”. With an oh-so mellow tempo and all of the makings for a GREAT contemporary song, this song was a no brainer to put on our list!

  1. “Cardigan” by Taylor Swift

I think it’s safe to say the Taylor Swift’s “Folklore” album was one of the best gifts we received during quarantine. I mean honestly, this album is a contemporary dance class wonderland! While it was super hard to pick just one of the songs on her album for this list, one of our favorites that we can see so many potential uses for  is definitely “Cardigan”. With its mid-tempo beat that adds just the right amount of subtle bounce to the track, this song would be perfect for opening class warm-ups, across the floor exercises, and of course beautiful contemporary routines.

  1. “Better” by Zayn

The one thing we can all agree on when talking about Zayn Malik is that the man just. Doesn’t. Miss! In true Zayn fashion, “Better” oozes with soul and silky smooth energy. With it’s extremely versatile sound, we can totally see so many unique and unforgettable contemporary pieces to this song.

  1. “This City” by Sam Fischer

Winding down on our list, we have “This City” by Sam fischer! Simply put, we knew this song would make our best of 2020 Music List the moment we heard it. Since taking TikTok by storm, this song has become a crowd favorite and definitely one of ours as well.

  1. “Whenever You’re Ready” by Ashley Price

And last on our list is another TikTok sensation that made its way to all of our playlists this summer! “Whenever You’re Ready” by Ashley Price is a beautiful and soothing piece that we believe could be used in multiple areas  of a contemporary class, but personally we believe that it would make an INCREDIBLE cool down song at the end of every class. It’s laid back and breezy energy is a great way to end hard working classes on a nice note. We couldn’t end our list without adding this beautiful track. 

And that will do it for the concluding installment of our “2020 Music Favorites” blog posts! We had an absolute blast counting down these awesome chart toppers with you and of course, if you would like to use the songs mentioned in today’s post in your next class and many more, feel free to check out our new “Contemporary Chart Toppers” playlist on Spotify! Link can be found down below. 

“Contemporary Chart Toppers” Playlist on Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3KIZCf2n7lUBdFQlSfy02F

Thanks again for stopping by From The Top and until our next blog posts, remember…

Keep dancing!


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