The Final Countdown: Our Top 5 Dance Spotlights Of 2020

Hello there, loves and thanks for stopping by for today’s blog post! In this installment, we will be going down memory lane and counting down our top 5 “Dance Spotlights” of 2020. For those who may not know, every single Monday we highlight talented dancers of all genres, ages and backgrounds with our “Dance Spotlight of the Week” on Instagram! And though 2020 hasn’t been the most normal year circumstantially, the one thing that didn’t change was the power of creation! This year still produced some of the best works of dance art that we have seen and today we are here to countdown our top five spotlight features from this year. Now, we must be very frank. It was honestly SO hard to choose just five videos for this post  because we have seen so many talented dancers in 2020. However, these are just a few that we really stood out to us this year and would love to pass along here on our blog! So let’s get right into it, shall we?

#5. Mark Villaver and Nathan Trasoras 

One look and we were hooked! Mark Villaver and Nathan Trasoras are coming in strong and starting our list off RIGHT at our number five spot with their oh-so smooth routine to “Make Up” by DJ Vice and Jason Derulo 

#4. Les Supremes Senior

A beautiful skating team and Mozart. What more could you really ask for? This piece is coincidentally our Spotlight for this week! Les Supremes Senior, a synchronized skating group from Canada, completely blew us away with this routine to the legendary “Lacrimosa”. Check it out and show them a lot of love!

#3. Caden Maynes

Have you ever seen a talented clogger dance to a hip hop track and tear. it. up?! Well you have now! Caden May had us all dancing in our seats (and quarantined living rooms) with this piece to a Snoop Dogg track. You most definitely have to check this one out. It’s fire!

#2. Madrid Timbera and Yosono Marta 

Coming in at #2 on our list is this awesome, creative, and believe it or not, socially distanced Bachata! This is the perfect example of making the best out of this year’s situation. Not only was this dance super innovative, it was executed wonderfully as any Bachata should!

#1. Stephen “Twitch” Boss and Allison Holker

And for our number one spot goes to a routine that made us all smile from ear to ear. Stephen “Twitch” Boss and Allison Holker’s upbeat choreography to “Treasure” by Bruno Mars was the perfect dose of sunshine as we began our journey into worldwide lockdown. This dance was such a lovely reminder that no matter what we may be going through in the world, dancing will never fail to make us feel better!

And that will conclude this week’s blog post and today’s countdown! We hope you enjoyed this list and all of the amazing dancers featured, not only here, but every week with our “Dance Spotlights”. Of course, we’re wishing you a wonderful holiday season! Stay safe, have fun and remember…

Keep dancing!


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