Making The Transition From Student To Teacher

Hello my lovelies and welcome back to From The Top! The first month of a new year is coming to a close and we have seen quite a few new changes be put into place. In the evolution of time, we are aware that many of our From The Top Family may be moving forward in new career moves and one of those moves that we would like to discuss today is the transition from dance student to dance teacher. This is a career jump that many dancers make within their careers whether naturally or intentionally. As you enter into this new element of your dance journey, we would love to take the opportunity to go over some things that we believe may be advantageous to keep in mind  as you branch out into this new area! So sit back and let’s have a chat on how you can make this new transition a breeze!

Tip #1

Being Nervous Is Understandable and Perfectly Okay

When you become a dance teacher, you make the decision to give up your place from behind the placement line, to front and center as the source of knowledge. That’s right! Everyone is looking to you to tell them what to do and how to do it. To some, that can be a bit unnerving, causing you to feel a bit anxious. You know what? That’s perfectly okay. Diving into new areas of your career is a prime example of stepping out of your comfort zone, and stepping out of your comfort zone automatically brings it’s jitters. However, embrace the jitters. Not in a “Oh no, what have I done? I’m going to fail” kind of way, but in a “I’m a bit nervous, but I know I’ll be fine once I get the hang of it.” kind of way! After all, you had the self belief to accept this job offer, right? Don’t hesitate to bring that same self belief with you along this entire new chapter of your journey!

Tip #2

Ask Advice From Other Dancers Who Have Been In Your Shoes

Making the transition from student to teacher is a common one, and I’m sure we all have plenty of dance friends who have made the same jump. In your preparation process, call them up and ask for some advice! Express what you are feeling, where you may be a little “in the dark”, and even express what areas you are looking forward to. Allow them to share their knowledge, experience and stories with you. Talking to those who have been where you currently are will ease nerves, give you new insight and even help you make a better game plan for your own classes.

Tip #3

Trust Your Creativity, Love!

As a dance teacher, it goes without saying that the whole class is on you. From class lesson plans and assisting your students’ as they work to improve at a steady pace, to the creative direction of your work from dance season to dance season. Stop! Don’t panic! This may be a new responsibility, but you totally have the chops to pull this off! What is your intuition telling you? Where is your imagination taking you? What inspired, motivated and challenged you from week to week as a dancer in training? Cultivate all of those things and wrap it up in one big orb of expression that is uniquely yours. Trust your creativity as you go throughout this teaching journey. It is enough, you are capable and even though I may not even know you personally, I believe that you have the ability to create some amazing work and open up a new generation of dancers to great artistic possibilities!

Tip #4

Stay Ready and You’ll Never Have To Get Ready

Being a dance teacher is a job that is both even kill and unpredictable. Let’s say for example you just started teaching this season’s recital peace, and then boom! Tracy breaks her leg during track practice at school (Tracy is the imaginary student given for this example) and she won’t be able to dance until at least late summer (Poor Tracy). Now what you have already been working on with the class is thrown off, formations and all. These types of things happen when you’re a dance teacher. They’re not always drastic, but you get where I’m coming from. Always be prepared and by prepared, I mean flexible. Tying hand in hand with the previous tip, being solid in your creativity is awesome, but always make room in your plan for any type of unexpected changes that might need to be made. Be open minded and go with the flow. Any and all mishaps always work out in the end. Trust me, I’m talking from experience here. *wink* 

I wish you a huge congratulations and all the best of luck as you embark on this road of your dance journey! We hope these tips serve as a useful guide as you navigate this new path, but above all else, please remember to have fun and enjoy yourself as you soar on to greater heights! As always, we wish you a fantastic weekend and remember…

Keep dancing!


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