Recital Day Survival Guide

Well here we are, mid-May and recital season has kicked into high gear! Last minute countdowns are on and curtains everywhere are beginning to rise, eager to showcase the talent and skill that has been gained throughout yet another productive dance season. Yearly dance recitals are a dancers’ right of passage that holds a bit of a graduation feel to it as you make the transition from one dance season to the next. However, what is also widely  known is that the day of recital can actually be a little bit (a lotta bit) hectic. But there are ways to combat this hectic energy with a little foresight and a good plan! So before our dance shoes hit the stage, and we walk into the glare of the stage lights, let’s talk about seven small, but beneficial tips to make navigating recital day an absolute breeze!

Recital Day Tip #1

Time Is Of The Essence

 When speaking of recital day, we always have to start at the top of the morning. This sets the tone for our first tip, which is to arrive as on time to your recital venue as possible. Busy days such as these can always go a lot smoother when you are conscious of your time. And though circumstances can come about that may throw you behind, it is always in the best interest to try your very best to be punctual. This is not just for the sake of the production, but for your own personal recital day preparation. Being time conscious can also rid your mind of the racing thoughts that come from being in a rush, helping you clearly process the day and all of it’s adventures as they come.

Recital Day Tip #2

Mark Your Territory 

(Wow, how’s that for an intense title??) 

During my recital performance days, my friends and I would meet in the auditorium with all of our things with the intentions of heading to the backstage dressing area at the same time to do one thing: Find a good group changing spot. Not because we just couldn’t bear the thought of being away from each other, but because we wanted to see if we could find a spot that was virtually out of the way from most everyone, so we could have enough room to change and help each other, should someone need it. This plan became a recital tradition and lifesaver year after year. 

Whether it’s a strip by the wall or a nook you’ve found off to the side of the room, if you can find an easy spot to maneuver everything in, by all means, snag it. Commonly amongst the dancers that I trained with, it wasn’t really foreign to find your changing spot the night before at rehearsal and leave a couple (unimportant) things behind to ensure the same spot for the next day. This place can even become your relaxation spot in between performances as well and it generally can help make that element of the day so much easier.

Recital Tip #3

Stay Hydrated And Fed

Simply put, never allow your body to run on empty if you can help it . Recitals are long days, starting from early in the morning to deep into the evening hours. Please be sure to eat breakfast that day and pack a few snacks too much on throughout the day, as well. If there is a snack bar set up backstage, by all means, hit it up. Drink plenty of water and keep your body strong. After all, you gotta put on a good show, you know!

Recital Day Tip #4

Keep Your Schedule Close, And Your Performance Times Closer

From intensives to conventions, this same tip rings true for recitals as well, and that tip is to keep your performance schedule close. This will help you keep track of time, which dance performance comes before you, which dances comes after you and even gives you an idea of how early you should head backstage to prep. Which brings us to our next tip!

Recital Tip #5

Early Is Always Better Than Late

Sure you may be in a sequined tutu for a couple of dances, but trust me when I say, getting into your costumes early is much better than trying to swing it the last minute. Quick changes are unavoidable during recital season, but if you have the advantage of beign able to take your time, by all means, revel in the advantage. It makes every thing so much easier and gives you time to take cute costume pics from the gram…just saying!

Recital Tip #6

A Last Minute Personal Run Through Never Hurts

Another tip to help prepare you before every performance is to do a quick run through of your dance. Even as a teacher, I try to make sure my classes and soloists are able to do a run through backstage before hitting the stage. If your class doesn’t do a group run through, that’s totally cool! Pack a pair of headphones in your bag and have a personal run through instead. And though mess ups on stage are common (and totally okay, might I aidd), it’s always good to freshen your memory at the last minute!

Recital Tip #7

Have A Great Time And Put On A GREAT Show

Though recital is an end of the year “dance graduation” of sorts, with so much to do and remember, please remember to do one very important thing: HAVE FUN! Some of the best memories of my dance training have come from recital weekends of hanging with my friends and doing what I love. There are countless and priceless memories that are made between dance studio families across the globe during this time of year and these are the memories that will hold a place in your heart for years to come. So be sure to soak it all in. You’ve worked hard all year, let’s make this year end showcase one for the books!

As always, we hope you enjoyed today’s blog post and we also hope these tips will be of great help to you as you navigate this year’s recital! Wishing you the best of luck and remember…

Keep dancing!


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