Coming Home: Heading Back To Dance After Taking Time Off

Hello there, From The Top Family and welcome back to another blog post! Today we are talking about returning back to the studio and/or your dance training after taking a significant time off. About a year ago we discussed the topic of taking a break from dance if you feel that it is necessary for a particular time, but in this post we are going to be talking about the process of getting back on the saddle and back into your dance routine. Going back after a break is a beautiful and very exciting experience that should be faced with the utmost optimism! In this post we will be sharing some tips, as well as words of encouragement as you head back into your dance training. Let’s get right into it!

Tip #1

Don’t Go Into It Apprehensive

Our first tip to making your return smoothly is to not go into your return to the studio with an apprehensive mindset. Though you may have taken time away, there is absolutely no need to be nervous. You know the saying “once a dancer, always a dancer”? Well that is completely true! Being a dancer is like riding a bike. Once you start, you never really forget. Nervousness will only make the experience of coming home more stressful than necessary and this is supposed to be a happy and exciting time, yes? So leave all apprehension behind! I can guarantee you that on that first day back you will probably end up shocking yourself. 😉

Tip #2

It’s Okay To Ease Into It

When you first start back on the dance saddle after sunficant time off, you may choose to opt for an easier class level than what you are typically used to, and guess what? That’s okay! There is nothing wrong with choosing to go back at an easier pace. Sometimes when we take a break, it is wise to begin ag a level that may be one step lower than what we are used to. This way we can take the time to go back over our past knowledge before moving forward on our journey to harder technique. This is in no way a negative reflection of who you are as a dancer, but rather wise to help get your body reconditioned to the athleticism that you have already obtained in years past. 

Tip #3

No Time For Comparisons

Now this tip may perhaps be the most important one. Though you are coming back for the first time in a while, and there may be some areas in your training that may be a bit rusty, that is no excuse to compare yourself to any other dancer in the class. None. Comparison is nothing but a killjoy and coming back after a break should be the most joyful experience possible. Just because you may have to find your flow again, that in no way makes you inferior to your classmates. Whatever ground you may have lost, you will regain and will even become better than you were before. You are exactly where you should be at this moment. Have faith in yourself and appreciate the process.

Tip #4

Be Appreciative Of The Time That You Took

Everybody needs time to rest. Whether it be for the body or the mind, taking time off  is sometimes the best option to get yourself back on track. By all means, as you head back into the routine, never feel guilty for having to take the time that you needed for what you needed it for. Personal renewal is definitely necessary every now and then, and taking that time in no way means that you have lost any love for your craft. Simply be thankful for all that this time off taught you and all the rest you gained, and come back to the studio refreshed, rejuvenated and more motivated than ever!

Thank you guys so much for spending this beautiful Friday with us! I wish you all the best of luck in your return to the studio. Remember to have fun and enjoy every moment. We’ll see you all again right here next week. Have a wonderful weekend!

Keep dancing!


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