From Classics To Custom: 5 Leotard Brands That Every Dancer Should Try

Leotards! Oh how we love to hear the word! As a dancer, leotards can be some of our strongest kryptonite. Honestly, how could they not be? With so many lovely, stylish and just down-right beautiful leos out there, we just can’t help but fall in love with so many of them! There are so many awesome dancewear brands that make such great leotards for every dancer, their needs and their style. That’s why today, we are going to be sharing with you some awesome leotard brands that we think every dancer should try if you haven’t already! From comfort to custom, these leotards set the bar! Let’s get started with our first brand spotlight!

  1. Motionwear – The Call Back Leo

When we think of classic and comfy leotards, Motionwear is most definitely one of the first brands that come to mind! Motionwear is a  brand that is tried and true. They are breathable, comfortable, extremely easy to move in and very long lasting. Personally, I still have Motionwear leotards that I’ve had since high school and they are still in immaculate shape! They also make magnificent audition leotards, as they have a classy, yet eye-catching minimalistic vibe. So, if you’re looking for a good, reliable, go-to leotard, Motionwear is the way to go!

  1. Balera – The Beautiful Basics 

Looking for a great class leotard? Look no further! Balera is most definitely your answer! Coming in a wide variety of styles and cuts, Balera is one of the most beautiful leotard basics on the market as they are vivid in color, sleek in design and they’re black leotards are just…*chef’s kiss*. Not only are these leotards great for, say, ballet class, but they also make wonderful jazz, musical theater and contemporary leos as well! 

  1. Danskin – The O.G.

Now you know we couldn’t talk leotards without mentioning one of the original crowd favorites! Founded in 1882, Danskin is a brand of women’s activewear that has been used by hundreds of dancers over the years. From shorts to tights, Danskin has been known to make high quality dancewear at an affordable price. However, the star of the show for this blog post is their classic black long sleeve leotard! This leotard is one of the ultimate ballet leotards and a wonderful classic to have in your dance wardrobe. The quality is out of this world and it will last you literally years. It’s no wonder why Danskin has held a place in dancer’s hearts for so long!

  1. Luckyleo Dancewear – The Leotard That Is Full Of Personality 

If you’re a dancer who loves to express yourself through fashion, Luckyleo is about to become your new best friend. We can guarantee it! Designed in unique patterns, prints and cuts, Luckyleo is the perfect leotards to add to your wardrobe for those days where you want to make a statement and look awesome while doing it! You can even get a little festive with your class look with Luckyleo as they release leotards with holiday designs seasonally (they’re Halloween prints just dropped and we are obsessed!) If you’re not into prints, they also have beautiful basic leotards that are perfect for the chic-minimalistic dancer as well! 

  1. Yumiko – The One-Of-A-Kind

And lastly, but most certainly not least, we have the beloved Yumiko Leotard line! If you’re looking for beautiful, elegant leotards, Yumiko is definitely the way to go! Critically acclaimed and loved by dancers from all over, Yumiko is admired as a dance industry favorite when it comes to designing a custom leotard that is all your own. With so many styles to choose from, Yumiko is our one stop shop to make a one-of-a-kind leo that will make a gorgeous statement! If you haven’t taken the plunge and checked out one of these babies, we highly recommend doing so.

As always, we appreciate you being here with us today and we hope you found a new brand to try for your next awesome leotard! We wish you a weekend filled with love and happiness. We’ll see you in the next blog post and remember…

Keep dancing!


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