Our 2021 Music Favorites For Hip-Hop

What’s going on everyone and welcome back to another From The Top music countdown! In conclusion to this year’s list of music favorites, we’ll be talking about some of our favorite hip-hop and rap hits that we think will make the perfect additions to your next hip hop class! From “Planet Her” to “Certified Lover Boy”, we’ve got all the hits that will get your class moving and grooving. Let’s get right into it!

1. “Fair Trade” by Drake

Let’s start this countdown with a song from an album that has had the world on the edge of their seats! Drake had been teasing the release of his album “Certified Lover Boy” since fall of last year and though the release took time, it seems to have been well worth the wait for his fans. “Fair Trade”, one of our personal favorites from the album, is a track that catches you instantly. It’s unapologetic lyrics floats seamlessly across the classic Drake sound that we all know and love. We definitely see this song making it’s way into the hip hop dance scene very heavy, very soon!

2. “Woman” by Doja Cat

Doja Cat has fully invited us to join in on the adventures of “Planet Her” and boy, are we happy to oblige! A mid-tempo track, laced with a popping island beat and catchy melody, “Woman” is a viral hit that lures you in with it’s sassy and straight forward lyrics. Throw this bad boy on for a class warmup or even use it as a class combo, and you’ll have a class filled with good energy and a great time.

3. “Whole Lotta Money Remix” by BIA ft Nicki Minaj

Coming in at no. 3 on our countdown is a 2021 hit that had us all “putting on our jewelry just to go to the bodega.” How can you blame us? “Whole Lotta Money” by Bia ruled the charts this year! This song has all the makings for a great beginner/intermediate hip hop number, and since this track has a smooth mid-tempo beat with a bangin’ baseline, it’s absolutely perfect for teaching techniques such a musicality and precision without the challenge of a fast pace. Add in a verse from the Queen Nicki Minaj, and you’ve got a hip hop class winner!

4. Family Ties by Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar

A newbie on the charts, “Family Ties” by Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar has quickly become a crowd favorite and definitely deserved a spot in this week’s countdown. The reason is simple. If you’re looking for a good, hard hitting hip-hop routine, this song will gladly do the trick! “Family Ties” comes in strong and hits heavy, having the capability to be the host to awesome class combos, warmup sessions and even freestyle cyphers. Wherever you choose to use this song in your next class, it will accommodate you flawlessly!

5. Beethoven by Kenndog

Hear us out alright. Beethoven meets Hip Hop. Unlikely combo, we know, but one that surprisingly works! This last song on our list is one that we couldn’t resist including. “Beethoven” by Keendog mixes the well known melody of the song title’s namesake and adds a knocking bass line to add the cherry on top to this unique mix of genres. When we hear this song, we see class combos for all levels and if you want add a bit of the “Beethoven” viral challenge footwork in there, you’ve definitely got a nod from us. Just saying. 😉

Well that concludes this year’s music countdown! We hope you enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane with us as we look back on all the music that got us up and dancing in 2021. If you would like to use any of the songs mentioned today in your next hip-hop class, check out our “Hip Hop Heavy Hitters” playlist on Spotify, featuring all of these hits and more! Feel free to listen via the link below.


As always, we wish you a wonderful weekend filled with love and light! We’ll see you right back here next week!

Keep dancing!


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