Best Foam Roller Exercises For Dancers

What’s going dancers and welcome to another Friday at From The Top! Today we are working out those muscles with our go to stretches using the beloved foam roller! As we all know, using a foam roller is always a major plus. With benefits like muscle tension relief, muscle repair and recovery, and relieving of muscle soreness, a foam roller can definitely be an added game changer to your routine! In this blog post, we will be talking about our go-to foam rolling moves that are perfect to use both before and after a long day of dancing. So without further ado, grab your favorite foam roller and  let’s get into it!

  1. The Jazz Split with a Foam Twist

As you can see, I’ll be giving some of these exercises some new names (naturally). This first exercise is perfect for targeting your hamstrings in a deeper way. First, start by sitting one leg on top of your foam roller in front of you, bending your back leg behind you, the exact same way you would execute a jazz split. Next, place your hands on your foam roller for added support. Be sure that the back of your front thigh is rested on the foam roller, as this part of the body is the primary focus of the stretch. After you are in position, use the heel of your foot and the support of your hands to gently roll your hamstring across the foam roller. Slow and steady always gives the best results when using foam rollers, so don’t be afraid to take your time here. Do these exercises for anywhere between 10-12 reps and then switch to the other leg.

  1. Criss-Cross Calves

Our next exercise is for the calves. Start by sitting on the floor and placing your foam roller underneath both of your calves. Placing your hands slightly behind you, using them for support, slightly lifting your bottom off the ground. From there, this is where the fun comes in! Take one leg and cross one ankle over the other, this will allow you to work one calf at a time in a more indepth way. Once you’re in position, use your hand to gently rock you back and forth. Do this for about 10 counts, and then repeat on the other leg.

  1. Quad Classic

This one’s a classic! Start by laying on your stomach with both of your thighs (your quads) resting on top of the foam roller. Keeping your elbows tucked into your sides and using your hands to support and help you, gently push yourself forward and back, making sure your thighs are the only part of your body that’s receiving most of the benefits of the movement. Do this for 10-15 reps. 

  1. Hip Holy Grail

Now let’s move on to my personal favorite: getting rid of tight hips! This one can be a bit tricky if you’re a foam rolling beginner, but I have full faith that you’ve got this! Start by sitting your left hip on top of your foam roller, stacking your legs together the same way you would in a side plank position, using your hand to support you. From there, bend your right foot in front of your left leg. Use your supporting hand and your foot in front of you to gently push yourself forward and back for about 10 reps. Switch sides and repeat.

  1. Upper Back Quick Relief

Lasly, let’s end today’s post with another foam classic. This move is the perfect way to target your upper back and help relieve muscle tension in this area, making it perfect for post class back stiffness. Start by lying on your back and placing your foam roller slightly underneath your shoulder blades. Lift your knees up into a table top position and place your palms behind your head, just like you would when executing a sit up! From there, slightly lift your hips off the ground and use your feet to gently push you back and forth, moving the foam roller up and down your upper back. Do this exercise for about 10 reps.  Be careful not to push your foam roller down your back too far as it is potentially dangerous to foam roll your lower back due to the lack of lower spine support to control the foam rollers range of movement. 

There you have it, everyone! I hope you were able to find some new ways to use your foam roller to help you further work out your body both before you head into the studio and after. As always, we appreciate you stopping by today and we wish you a wonderful weekend! See you all in the next blog post and remember…

Keep dancing!


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