2021 Gift Guide For Dancers

Hello there dancers and I guess we can officially say, Happy Holidays! The season of giving has found its way back into our midst and as always, we love to be a part of making your holiday shopping a blissful, and easy, experience! So in true From The Top Holiday tradition, we’re going to show you a few gift ideas that would be absolutely perfect for the dancer(s) in your life this season! From stocking stuffer favorites to big gifts that will make a statement, go ahead a Christmas cookie (or two) and let’s make our way down this year’s list!

Gift Idea #1

Russian Pointe Balancing Board

Just like our arches, dancers are always looking for ways to up our balance game and this balance board by Russian Pointe will help your favorite dancer do just that! Compact and skid resistant, this baby will help improve balance by strengthening your core and engaging all of the necessary muscles needed for strong balancing, adding a subtle yet beneficial challenge to your at-home practice routine. Slide one of these bad boys under the tree and the dancer in your life will be putting it to great use in no time! 

Gift #2 

Stagestep Tap Floor

Looking for the absolute knock-out gift for the tap dancer in your life? Stagestep’s Tap Floor is the way to go! Another at-home practice must, this portable flooring unit is made of laminated wood and a layer of shock absorbing foam to really provide that studio feel and sound that tap dancers look for. Not only is it durable, but compact and extremely easy to travel with which is also perfect for the dancer who is always on the go! 

Gift Idea #3

Platter Tutu Garment Bag

And speaking of the traveling dancer, give the ballerina that’s always on the move the gift of convenience with a platter tutu garment bag! Available at online retailers such as Discount Dance and/ Amazon, a platter tutu is an absolutely amazing gift as it helps transport those beautiful costume pieces we all love to see on stage without wrinkling, crumpling or damaging the tutu itself. If the ballet dancer in your life hasn’t invested in one of these yet, feel free to go ahead and make their day! They will absolutely adore you for it!

Gift Idea #4

A Beautiful Ballet Skirt (For The Baby Ballerina In Your Life)

And now for the perfect gift for your up and coming dancer! If there is one thing baby ballerinas love, it is dancewear, particularly ballet skirts. Every time they wear one to class they’re always twirling, completely in awe of the effect of how the skirt fans out while they turn. By giving them a couple of beautiful new ballet skirts this season, they are sure to feel like the prima of all ballerinas in their next ballet class!

Gift Idea #5

BLOCHspot Stickers

And finally  on the list of ideas is a wonderful stocking stuffer! The BLOCHspot Stickers are an absolute game changer for dancers who perform in sneakers and need a smooth surface to turn on. While choreography in cool sneakers is very aesthetically pleasing, rigid soles and pirouettes don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. However, with the BLOCHspot stickers, dancers are able to rock their performance sneakers without the risk of unwanted injury. Give the gift of this new crowd favorite under the tree for your dancer, and they will definitely thank you!

And just like that, we’ve made it to the end of another gift guide for another year! We hope we were able to endow you with some creative gift ideas to make the dancer in your life beam with joy this Holiday! Thank you so much for spending this Friday with us and as always, we wish you a very happy weekend and a wonderful Holiday season!

Keep dancing!


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