Dear 2021: A Letter Of Celebration To Our From The Top Family

Well, here we are again. At the end of another year. In today’s blog post, we will not be discussing technique, hacks or career how-tos. Instead, today we are simply here to say “Thank you”.

After coming off of a year that was like no other, the dance world worked to get back on its feet. Curtains began to rise again on recital stages and studios began to re-open their doors. We entered this year facing a new normal, and we are so happy to have been along for the ride to help you navigate this journey back to the industry as we have always known it. From virtual dance classes to performance season survival guides, it has been such a joy having yet another year with our From The Top Family.

We watched you all grow in talent and technique, featured bright and shining up and coming stars each Monday, had a few tv nights as we discussed the hottest in dance television and even watched our family grow in a spectacular way. As we head into another year, you can rest assured that From The Top will be here, being the source of love and light along many dance journeys as we have been for the last three years prior. We wish you all the happiest of holidays and a wonderful new year. Stay happy, stay safe and until 2022, remember…

Keep dancing!


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