From The Studio To The Stage: Tips For Doing Your First Solo

So, you’re doing your first dance solo, you say? Well first let us start by lending a huge congratulations! This is a big step in your growth as a dancer in more ways than you may know. And what better time to embark on this new goal than now! As you prepare to step into new territory of your training career, we would love to share with you our tips on how to navigate this new goal. If you are, by chance, thinking about signing up for your first solo but you are still on the fence about it, allow us to also be a source of encouragement as we express all the ways taking this leap (no pun intended) will make you an even better dancer. Let’s get started!

How Your Solo Will Grow You As A Dancer

When any of my students come to me and express their desire to do a solo, I quickly sanction the idea. The reason being is because of all the benefits taking this step will yield a dancer both immediately and in the long haul. One of the ways that doing your first solo grows you is that it teaches you how to stand on your own. Sometimes we can become more dependent than we know on dancing with a group and having the “security blanket” of our peers during a performance. However, when you do a solo, your main source of dependency is on yourself. It teaches you how to depend on your own knowledge, your own gift and your own ability, without the safety of anyone else in front, behind or beside you. 

This also brings us to the next ;point of growth, which is the fact that it pushes you technically as a dancer. When you’re learning a solo, it’s really another form of taking a private dance class in the sense of your teacher/choreographer being completely focused on you and your performance. This type of one-on-one class time leads to learning more ways to brush up your technique on material that you already know, as well as pushing you into technical territory that you have never been in before. This is why becoming a soloist will make your skillset that much more refined.

And finally, it builds your confidence by proving to you that you do have the talent and ability to stand on stage on your own and absolutely rock it! You do hold the power and the chops that it takes to show how amazing you are in this art all by yourself. Which brings us to our main tip.

Our Main Tip For Your First Solo

Trust You

Our main tip when embarking on your first solo is to trust yourself. I mean, why not? You, yourself asked to do the solo which means that something in you knows that you can do this. The same incentive that led you to ask for this opportunity, is the same incentive that you must hold onto as you walk this process. You are more than capable to hold on your own and even in your shortcomings, they don’t make or break you. Of course, you may be a little nervous and that’s actually to be expected. There is nothing wrong with being a bit nervous when you’re embarking on something for the first time, but never allow yourself to fear. In the journey from the studio to the stage, you will clean any mistakes, learn things you didn’t know before and all-in-all will become an even better dancer in the midst of. Trust the process, trust your gift. You are indeed capable of this awesome accomplishment.

Thank you all so much for spending this first Friday of the year with us! We hope this post was a great help to you as you prepare for your very first dance solo! We wish you all the best of luck as you hit the stage and always know that your From The Top Family is behind you 100%. Have a wonderful day, a beautiful weekend and remember…

Keep dancing!


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