Dance Styles That You Should Try (If You Haven’t Already)

Hey there dancers and welcome to another Friday here at From The Top! Today we are talking about dance genres! As I’m sure you’ve heard us say here before, dabbling in different dance genres than what you may be used to is so greatly advantageous! For starters, it gives you more experience, broadens your horizons of dance knowledge, and if you’re looking to work in dance professionally, having expertise in different genres looks excellent on your resume. However, two of the most important reasons trying different genres is beneficial to a dancer is that it grows you immensely and it’s just downright fun! Which is why today we are talking about 4 genres that we believe that you should try at some point (if you haven’t already), and how they will benefit you in your dance journey.  Let’s go, friends!

  1. Tap

The first genre on this list is one that we can’t mention enough! Tap is a dance genre that teaches you so much when it comes to the undertone elements of dance in a more intimate way. These elements include skill sets such as timing, rhythm and musicality, just to name a few. One of the best ways I love to describe tap is with the word finesse. Tap teaches you how to fully integrate yourself with the music by basically becoming the beat, floating with and on top of the rhythm as effortlessly as possible. Learning how to become one with music in such a deep way is one of the many reasons why we believe you should grab those tap shoes and head into the nearest class! We actually have a whole blog post on why you should try tap dancing and we will gladly link it down below to read if you haven’t already!

  1. Heels

Oh heels, how you have a place in my heart! Heels is a dance genre that teaches you confidence, even better balance (as you could probably imagine) and how to really either milk the music or hit it with passion and charisma! Heels classes are also absolutely amazing for working dancers who are navigating in the live performance circuit. A Lot of the time, when you see dancers work with musical artists in performances and tours, you are required to dance in heels. Learning this skill set, and trust me it is definitely a skill, will have you better prepared as you head to auditions for these types of jobs. The more experience, the better qualification!

  1. Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop is another genre that I can’t stress enough to try, especially if you’re a ballet dancer. Why? Because hip-hop takes everything you’ve been taught in a ballet class, and sets it on fire. And though that may sound *aggressive*, it’s the truth. That is what makes it beneficial! Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand the sentiment and apprehension. Many moons ago, when I took my first hip-hop class, I thought I was going to be super awkward and look like a newborn deer in Nikes. However, I went for it anyway, and with an openness to learn, I shocked myself! Hip-Hop classes really teach you full range of movement and how to really let go. I mean really let go. Which is something that we believe every dancer should tap into and come to learn as they go along their journey!

  1. Musical Theater

And lastly on the list is musical theater! On top of being a wonderful genre to have under your belt for jobs such as broadway production ensembles, it’s just down right uplifting! Musical theater teaches you how to perform and engage. You learn facials, energy, as well as technique that teaches you how to dance with amazing personality. This is another genre that looks great on your resume as well. The next opportunity available to take a musical theatre class comes up near, I highly suggest going for it! 

Thank you  all so much for stopping by and hanging with us today! We hope we inspired you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. As always, we wish you a wonderful weekend and remember…

Keep dancing!


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