Best Dance Equipment For At Home Practice

At home practice is a huge part of our training. It gives us extra time to hone our skills, helps us meet our goals that much faster and it was even our saving grace during a global pandemic. Whether done out of want or need, taking our training outside of the studio walls is advantageous and dare we even say important. However, what takes your at home training to the next level is having the right equipment! There are so many awesome resources that are right at our fingertips that will help give us that little extra push we need to begin a goal, maintain what we have already learned and push our bodies to the next level of greatness. So today we are going to be sharing with you all some of our favorite at home equipment that will help you take your at home training to the next level! Let’s get started!

  1. Theraband and/or FlexiStretcher

Ah, what can we say about the OG?! The theraband has been a tried and true piece of at home equipment for dancers for the last decade at least. While always mentioned when arch improvement methods are discussed, therabands are also fantastic stretching companions! Whether used for the extra push you may need to help you achieve your needle or if you want to add a little extra resistance to the classic knee-to-chest stretch, therabands make for the perfect added touch to your stretching and strengthening routine! Another option similar to the theraband is the FlexiStretcher. Perfect as a hands free option, the FlexiStretcher is another magnificent at home practice option to improve flexibility safely and effectively.

  1. Bosu Ball

Looking to take your balance and core strength to the next level? The Bosu Ball is the way to go! A bit of an intermediate/advanced option, the Bosu ball adds an extra bit of challenge to balancing in even the most classic positions like first or fifth. The reason being is that it isn’t the most stable thing to stand on while up in releve, especially when flipped upside down. However, the amazing aspect of it is how it will put your core to WORK! Balancing with the aid of a Bosu Ball will teach how to really engage your core against the natural force of gravity. Building up your tolerance to this challenge will help increase your balance both in demi and full pointe, all while conditioning your body to make you that much more of a strong dancer!

  1. Portable Dance Floors

One of my personal favorites, portable dance floors  are the truth! Giving you the studio experience anywhere you are, This piece of studio floor will help you hone your skills in any genre by supplying the type of flooring that you need to practice with ease. Made from wood or marley, this flooring is shock resistant and stable to provide you with an accurate practice space. It will definitely always have a spot in our hearts!

  1. Portable Barre

Another classic on our list is the portable barre. Simple put, while using a chair for at home ballet classes is awesome, a portable barre is absolutely amazing to have on hand. Much like the tap board, a portable ballet barre also brings the studio home to you and makes it easy to navigate virtual ballet classes from start to finish. Trust me when I say, barre stretches on an actual barre are much easier than on a dining room chair. Talking from experience, for sure! And once the barre portion of your online class is over or if you have completed your at home practice for the day, simply store it in your closet and voila, it’s out of your way! Easy peasy!

  1. Turn Boards

And last but certainly not least, we have the beloved turn board! I’m sure you have heard us gush about turn boards before in previous blog posts like our annual “Holiday Gift Guide For Dancers”, and we just couldn’t end off this list without giving this baby a slot! One of the most popular at home dance equipment products to date, the turn board has long earned its respect as a pirouette perfector! This small little piece of wood teaches you three very valuable lessons: core control, balance, and the importance of spotting, which are key elements for a great turn. This board basically does half of the work for you by giving you all of the leverage to execute multiple turns, while posing dancers the challenge of being able to keep up. This item has pruned the turns of dancers around the world and is used by some of the best. Add this bad boy to your roster, and you’ve just unlocked a secret weapon to help you improve your turns and take your technique to the next level!

And that will do it for this week’s blog post! We hope you found a new product or two that could be useful as you hone your skills at home. Which one of the items listed above is your favorite? Feel free to let us know in the comments below or via Instagram! 

Thank you for joining us once again on this lovely Friday and until our next blog post, remember…

Keep dancing!


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