Our 2022 Music Favorites For Hip-Hop

Hello From The Top Family and welcome back to our second installation of this year’s Music Favorites! As we previously did with jazz, today we will be counting down our favorites in music for Hip-Hop! This is a genre that we can always so easily find music for since hip-hop, rap and r&b music has impacted modern culture in such a distinct way. This has majoryly been why hip-hop dance classes have become such a commodity. It teaches musicality, technique and even feeling all wrapped around some of the songs we just can’t get enough of on the radio. So, as always, 2022 delivered some great tracks and we’re going to be sharing just a few of the ones we think will make for the perfect fit for your next hip-hop class. Let’s get right to it! 

  1. “Sticky” – Drake

One of the biggest musical curve balls that hit the rap music scene this year is the fact that Drake released a new album, basically as a bit of a surprise. Once the album dropped, we all gave it a listen and realized one thing: Drake just made an album full of rap songs over the beat of….house music? Whether you loved it or you side eyed it, we can’t deny the fact that “Honestly, Nevermind” pumped out some bangers, one of which is the popular track “Sticky”. A track about how situations can get a bit out of hand without much notice, this song has all of the ingredients of a classic Drake song with it’s catchy lyrics that won’t leave any choice but to get stuck in your head, all laced through a mid-tempo beat that inclines as it builds with a literal pumping bass line. This song is fantastic for class warm-ups and of course class combos. Add this to any intermediate or advanced hip-hop class especially, and you’ll have a choreo favorite amongst your students! 

  1. “Over” – Lucky Daye

Slowing it down a little bit, the next track on our list is “Over” by R&B singer Lucky Daye! In short, if you’re looking for a low key, soulful vibe to really dig into musically, this song will be a hit! This slow and steady track will allow you to teach fundamentals to classes of all experience that dancers will be able to take with them throughout their training, which is always fantastic to keep on your teaching roster.

  1. “Own Band Freestyle” –  FelixThe1st, Dreya Mac, Finch Fetti

Next on our list is another track that has been everywhere in 2022 and that is “Own Brand Freestyle”. You know the song that goes “Well ain’t never been with a baddie..(*Lifts hand and shifts hips side to side*). Well this is that viral song that you heard all summer and it just so happens to be one of our personal favorites that we think will make an awesome addition to your beginner hip hop classes, especially! This track has a very low tempo, making it perfect for newcomers who are just getting their start in hip hop  dance. Add this on top of the fact that it is a crowd favorite and you have got a winner!

  1. “First Class” – Jack Harlow 

The next song on our list is by an artist that has solidified his place in popular culture as we know it, mister Jack Harlow. 

To say that Jack has taken the game by storm is an understatement and for the past year or so, you literally can’t go anywhere on the web and not hear a Jack Harlow song. However, this year he put out another viral hit, “First Class”. Using an unmistakable sample of Fergie’s “Glamorous”, this song flips a millennial classic and gives it a new life for this generation. Sticking very closely to the original rhythm formula of the song, “First Class” makes not only a great combo track, but an excellent warm-up track that will allow you to open your next class with a vibe!  

  1. “One Right Now” – Post Malone, The Weekend

And lastly on this list, we have “One Right Now” by Post Malone and The Weekend! This catchy track from Post Malone’s latest album “12 Carat Toothache” stands out with its cool 80’s synth vibe. The Weekend’s unmistakable vocals lace through this throwback melody effortlessly, blending perfectly with Malone’s signature sound. “One Right Now” is one of our favorites for Hip-Hop because it is such a “one size fits all” track. It can work perfectly wherever you see fit to place it and it will easily become a favorite for your students, and even for yourself!

That will wrap up this installment of our 2022 Music Favorites! We hope you enjoyed this post and we hope you found some more awesome tracks to add to your next class! If you would like to check out any of the songs mentioned above, plus many more, check out our “Hip-Hop Heavy Hitters” playlist on Spotify via the link below.


Thank you all so much again for rocking with us today, and until our next blog post, remember…

Keep dancing!


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