Our 2022 Music Favorites For Contemporary

Hello From The Top Family and welcome back to another blog post! Today, we are winding down on our yearly countdown of our music favorites of 2022! On this week’s list we are talking all things contemporary! That’s right, we’ll be sharing with you all of the hits of this year that we think will make the perfect combo, performance and warm-up tracks for your next contemporary class! So grab your headphones, your speakers and your dancing shoes (or stay barefoot. We know how it goes) and let’s get started

  1. “Glimpse of Us” – Joji

No one quite does melancholy in today’s age of music quite like Joji. His 2022 hit “Glimpse of Us” made its way to the charts with its slow and steady tempo, laced with lyrics that are actually quite poetic, though sad in some sense. This is a contemporary combo dream for classes of all levels. This song is a crowd favorite that most everyone knows and it holds a pace that will accommodate simple contemporary moves just as well as it will accommodate dramatic extensions, turn combos and tricks. All in all, “Glimpse of Us” is a 10/10 in our book! 

  1. “Ivory” – Omar Apollo

“Ivory” is an ethereal track by Omar Apollo that is immersive and beautifully done. Literally under one minute in duration, this song is a track that is very minimalistic and stripped in melody, but almost haunting in the most stunning way. “Ivory” is a perfect song to use to teach classic contemporary technique as its soft nature and short duration makes it perfect for beginner and intermediate classes that are learning the bones of contemporary. 

  1. “Time Machine” – Willow

An ode to nostalgia, “Time Machine” by Willow is a track that we like to include that is on the lighter and whimsy side. I mean come on, who doesn’t want to go back to 1983?! A perfect warm-up track, “Time Machine” is a song that has great dance class lasting power. You could use it today or you could use it three years from now and it will still be a class favorite. That’s always a plus for us!

  1. “I Think I Like When It Rains” – WILLIS

 “I Think I Like When It Rains” by WILLIS just has that certain “it” factor. Another crowd favorite, this song has an indie flair to it that makes it very infectious and has a “stuck in your head” quality about it.  If you’re looking for a great across the floor exercise track, this is the one. Its tempo is perfect for intermediate students, diving into their contemporary training further and it will also make a fantastic duet piece! 

  1. “Say Can You Hear” – Men I Trust

Even though this song wasn’t released in 2022, we had to mention this track. “Say Can You Hear” by Men I Trust is a fantastic upbeat song that is great for class warm-ups! It has enough tempo to it to jazz up the moment, without being overbearing in energy. I myself have used this song quite a lot recently and found that it is a perfect contemporary class match!

  1. Along – Lil tusa

And lastly on our list is another short and sweet track, “Along” by Lil tusa! You may have heard this song everywhere on the internet, but it sparked our curiosity enough to give this song a go and find its way on this list. All-in-all, this song is a complete vibe and it makes the perfect beginner combo! We couldn’t get enough of using this track and we know you will love it as well!

And that will do it for today’s countdown! Can you believe we are almost done with this year’s music favorites?! We absolutely cannot wait to share our last installment of this series with you soon. However, until then, if you would like to listen to all of the songs mentioned above and many more, feel free to stop by Spotify and check out our Contemporary Chart Toppers playlist for amazing tracks to use in your next class! We will happily leave the link below!


Once again, thank you so much for rocking with us today and until our next blog post, remember…

Keep dancing!


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