Our 2022 Music Favorites For Tap

Hey there FTT Family! We hope you are doing fantastic on this lovely Friday. Today we are here for the final installment of this year’s music favorites! Thus far in our 2022 countdown, we’ve visited jazz, hip-hop and contemporary, but today we’re grabbing our tap shoes! For us personally, there’s nothing like a good tap class and having the opportunity to learn of the ways we can create rhythm and sound, all while diving into the art of movement. Tap will always have a special place in our hearts which is why it now has a spot on this countdown! In this list, we’ll be featuring some of today’s hottest hits and even a new playlist to get you up and moving. So without a further ado, let’s get into the fourth and final installment of this year’s Music Favorites!

Roll it! 

  1. “I Like You” – Post Malone ft. Doja Cat

First on our list is “I Like You” by Post Malone and Doja Cat! The moment we heard this song, it instantly became a favorite. Though this song could easily be used as a hip-hop class track, the tempo and beat of “I Like You” just screams “Tap Routine”. Its beat pattern is steady, consistent and supplies very fertile ground for you to make your choreo however simple or adventurous as you would like. It’s also an incredibly catchy tune that your students will grasp on to quickly, which also makes for a routine that is equal parts educational and fun. For these reasons and more, this song gets 10 taps up from us!

  1. “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)” – Lizzo

Looking for a great face paced number for your next tap class? You’ve found it! Lizzo absolutely killed it in 2022 and put out crowd favorite after crowd favorite. But “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)” is the one we knew would make our list! This song’s vibe and energy is infectious, especially for a more intricate intermediate class, as it will be amazing in creating a routine that focuses on pace, sharpness and articulation.

  1. “BIZCHOCHITO” – Rosalia 

Grab your pack of gum and get your side eye ready, next on our list is the viral hit “BIZCHOCHITO” by none other than La Rosalia! This song became an online classic, so much so that you can recognize it within the first 5 seconds…literally. WIth its thumping rhythm and mid-tempo, this song is versatile and can be perfect for an exercise portion in beginner classes especially. It has the type of tympo that can be great for practicing tap basics at a slower pace to instill basic tap education such as shuffles, ball changes, stomps and stamps. 

  1. “Vegas” – Doja Cat

The next song on our list is perfect if you are looking to bring in the sass and drama! “Vegas” by Doja Cat was one of the biggest tracks of the year and a crowd favorite. This song is great for furthering your classes knowledge on rhythms and musicality because it has a ton of great musical pockets to play off of. The lessons of precision and sharpness of sound can easily be taught with this track and make for a fantastic class combo!

  1. “Fear For Nobody” – Maneskin

And lastly on this list is one that may not have come out in 2022, but we still couldn’t get enough of it all the same! “Fear For Nobody” by Maneskin is a track that really sticks with you. You know that movement when you hear a song and you just know that the possibilities for a fire routine are endless?! Yeah, we definitely had that movement with this track. Released originally in 2018, this song has that funky energy, gritty vibe and thumping baseline that we all love to dive into in a tap combo! An advanced tap class dream, “Fear For Nobody” is the perfect song to just cut loose to and create a memorable, fun routine. If you add this bad boy to your playlist, we can guarantee that you won’t regret it!

Well everyone, that will officially mark the end of our 2022 Music Favorites! We have had the most amazing time sharing our favorite hits of the year with you all and hopefully we were able to put you onto some awesome music to use for your next class. If you would like to check out the tracks listed above and many more, check out our brand new “Tap In” playlist on Spotify, featuring the hottest tracks of every era! Visit the link in our bio to give it a listen.


Once again, thanks so much for rocking with us today and until our next blog post, remember…

Keep dancing!


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