Want To Take A Heels Class? Here’s Why You Should!

Heels classes are amongst some of the most sought after dance genres in the industry. Over the last decade or more, heels classes have risen to a state of popularity that has taken the dance community by storm, and has proven to be a force to be reckoned with for good reason, too! Heels classes have so many unique aspects to them which allows them to be very beneficial to your dance training and open up a whole new area of expertise to add to your repertoire! If you have been on the fence lately about trying a heels class, allow us to do a liiiittle convincing to help you out! Come along with us today as we discuss four awesome reasons why you should go ahead, grab those dance heels and take your first heels class if you haven’t already, as well as all the ways that will benefit you as a dancer. Let’s go!

  1. Builds Experience For Working Dancers

One of my favorite things about heels classes is the experience you gain from it as a dancer in the industry! As a dance performer, there are times where you may be required to dance in heels and they aren’t always little two inch kitten heels either. You have to perform full out choreography and give it your all in three to four inch heels, and do so preferably well (no pressure). Heels classes are the perfect and ideal training grounds for such needed experience because it teaches you the fundamentals of performing in heels, allowing you to find your way while you gain comfortability in all of the nuances of this genre before you hit the stage! It’s a notch on your training belt that will definitely be of the best use!

  1. Strengthens Technique 

As you can probably imagine, your first time performing full out choreography in heels is not always a walk in the park. At first, you may feel like a baby giraffe (we all do, trust me on this) and have to find the perfect pocket of balance as you perform. Since heels require its own set of skills, the classes are wonderful in teaching lessons in technique that take your dance abilities, in and out of heels, to the next level! Your core strength, coordination and performability will become out of this WORLD! On the on set, your first heels class can feel like a lot to think about at once, but the more classes you take, the more natural everything begins to feel. The progression is steady but it’s potent. Heels classes add an extra nail to your technique armor that’s extremely fundamental because let’s face it, if you can do a triple coupe turn in 4 inches, anything flat footed is a piece of cake.

  1. Builds Your Confidence In & Out of the Studio

This next aspect of heels classes is one we always love to see and that is the way it builds your confidence! Upon signing up for your first heels class you probably feel a combination of excitement and hoping for the best. However, once you get into those classes and the atmosphere starts flowing, you begin to have the time of your life. Even if you are experiencing challenges, you take on said challenges with an open minded nature and a willingness to try whatever is being thrown your way. The reason why heels classes have that effect is because at the core of every class is freedom of expression and the ability to be yourself. Whether that’s strong, sexy or fearless, what makes heels choreography shine is individuality and that’s only achieved by having the freedom to be you. These are takeaways that can translate into you becoming an even better performer all around and even becoming that much more comfortable in your skin as a person. Talk about a win/win scenario!

  1. They’re So Much Fun!

And last, but certainly not least,a key reason as to why you should take a heels class is because they are a blast! Even when everyone is putting in work, there’s an infectious energy in the room that is a must to experience as a dancer! As a teacher I still love taking classes in my spare time and one of the classes I run to the fastest are heels classes. Once you’ve caught the bug, this genre of dance quickly becomes one of your favorites and you’ll be counting down the days until you can grab your heels and head to your next session. 

Feeling confident now to take the plunge and book that class? We sure hope so! A huge part of being a dancer is experiencing the thrill of trying something new. It’s how we continue to improve, grow and become the best that we can be! We hope this blog post gave you the encouragement that you may have needed and we wish you the happiest weekend filled with love and light. Until our next blog entry, remember…

Keep dancing!


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