Halloween Hacks For Dancers: How To Turn Your Dancewear Into Halloween Costumes

It’s Spooky SZN, dancers and though Halloween may look a bit different this year, people are still looking forward to having fun the best way that they can. And everyone knows that you can’t have Halloween fun without costumes of course! Now is the time where everyone is running to and fro to find the perfect halloween ensemble that will make it a night to remember. However, as dancers, we have a bit of an advantage.When you’re a dancer, your whole closet is full of cute leotards, skirts, shorts and flamboyant costumes. I mean honestly, it’s like we have Hannah Montana’s closet! And while all of these items serve their due purpose every other day of the year, they also make for out of this world halloween costumes, especially when you’re putting something together at the last minute . So, step into your closet and take a look around, because we’re going to show you just a few ways you can transform your dance closet into a halloween costume haven! Let’s go!

  1. “Bunny Babe”

Let’s “hop” right to it with our first halloween costume idea, which is what we like to call the “Bunny Babe”. This costume features a long sleeve black leotard, which actually makes for a staple for both ballet class AND costume parties. You’ll need a cute pair of bunny ears of course and you can even temporarily glue on a little cotton puff to act as a tail if you’d like! Spice it up by adding the oh-so classic bunny mate collar and cuffs, fishnet or standar tights, topped off with a pair of black heels or flats! Voila!  Looks like you’ve got a winner, Hunny Bunny!

Black leotard Capezio, Fishnet tights Capezio, Heels Justfab, Bunny ears and accessories Fashion Nova.

  1. “What A Feeling” – 80’s Aerboics Instructor

Grab the keys to the Delorian, because we’re taking it back to the 1980s for our next costume idea! The 80s was a dance obsessed time filled with tights, leotards and legwarmers. Peace of cake, right? We’re starting with a bright teal leotard, topped with a nice (NEON) off the shoulder top, our favorite pink tights, legwarmers and ending this look with our favorite pair of sneakers! And 5, 6, 7, 8! 

Leotard Motionwear, Off-the-shoulder Tee Jcpenney, Tights Capezio, Legwarmers Body Wrappers, Shoes Reebok.

  1. Cutey Cat

You know what they say. When in doubt, be a cat! This costume can actually go hand in hand with our Bunny costume! Just swap out your bunny accessories for a cute pair of cat ears, a cute choker,  and boom! You’ll be the prettiest kitty in all the land.

Black Leotard Capezio, Fishnet Tights Capezio, Heels Justfab, Cat Ears Fashion Nova.

  1. Fierce Fairy Godmother

Alright y’all, grab your tutu (cause we’ve all got one…or five,). For this costume idea, we’re featuring this blue tutu, complete with beautiful sequins. Pair the tutu or tutu skirt of your choice with a cute crown  and accessories, and you’ll be the most majestic fairy ever!

  1. “I’m A Ballerina, Duh!” 

Come on, you know we had to do it! Being a prima ballerina is a super easy costume because it is our actual life. A super effortless ensemble, grab your favorite ballet costume, your fave tights, pointe shoes and you’re all set! Watch how many times you’ll get asked if you can really stand on your toes. Just watch.

Tutu Revolution Dancewear, Tights Capezio, Pointe Shoes Bloch

Well that will do it for today’s blog post! We had so much fun sharing these costume ideas with you all and if you give one of them a go, send us pic on Instagram @fromthetopdb! We’d love to see how you rocked it! As always we wish you a wonderful weekend and a very, very Happy Halloween. Mwuah ha ha ha….!

Keep dancing!


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