Ballet For Everyone: Adult Ballet Classes Offered By Professional Ballet Companies

Hello everyone and welcome back to From The Top! In this blog post we will be talking adult ballet classes and which ballet companies hold some of our favorite courses! Here at FTT, we fully believe that ballet is for everyone, no matter your age. Whether you’re an adult beginner, or a seasoned dancer who enjoys brushing up on their skills, adult ballet classes hold the upmost in importance in the world of dance. One of the coolest ways to experience a ballet class, however,  is in the school division of a professional ballet company! It’s so fascinating to step inside the rehearsal halls that are home to so many memorable performances. Trying ballet classes at professional companies can also broaden your ballet knowledge, as it gives you the insight of learning the technique and repertoire of the company, which is always nice to dive into during your training. So today we’ll be listing some of our personal favorite adult ballet classes offered by companies from all over! From beginner to advanced, we think these classes will help offer you a new ballet experience and offer you a great time while doing so. Let’s go!

Oklahoma City Ballet – Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City Ballet hosts their classes under their school division, The Yvonne Chouteau School. In addition to their summer camps and intensives, the Yvonne Chouteau School at OKC Ballet hosts classes all year around for every age group and experience level. Their Drop-In Classes are a positive place that support health, wellness and exciting exploration for the art of dance. Levels include beginner ballet, intermediate ballet and even intro to ballet! They also host other amazing ballet classes such their “Golden Swans Ballet Class” (a ballet class especially for senior citizens), and “Dance For Parkinson’s  (“an hour long movement class specifically for those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease”). With so many awesome classes offered, we couldn’t help but add OKC Ballet to this list!

American Ballet Theatre (Zoom Classes) – New York, NY

Train with the legendary ABT company in the comfort of your own home with their adult ballet classes via Zoom! Open to ages 16 and up, ABT’s zoom classes are offered for beginners who are starting their training and/or those who are revisiting ballet after time away, intermediate for those who would like a great challenge, and advanced for those with extensive ballet experience who want to keep their training in tact! Though the classes are on a summer hiatus at the moment, they will be back and going come Fall 2022! 

The Washington Ballet – Washington, DC

Washington Ballet is another ballet company that extends its education department to that of adult ballet classes! Offered Monday – Saturday, TWSB (The Washing School of Ballet)  offers ballet classes for adults, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. These classes can be taken both in-person and online, so those who may not reside in Washington can still attend. That’s a win/win in our book!

Tulsa Ballet – Tulsa, OK

The Tulsa Ballet offers ballet classes that introduce both new ballet dancers and experience ballet dancers to a world of discovery and improvement. TBT semester formatted classes are offered for students 16 and up. Class levels include Ballet I, Ballet II, Elementary (which requires at least one year of dance experience), Intermediate and  Performance Classes where students will present a class setting performance for their friends and family at the end of the semester. Pretty cool, huh? Nothing like getting the full experience of practice and showcase!

And that will do it for today’s blog post! We hope that you find a fit that is perfect for you within this list and we hope that you have a wonderful time giving these classes a try! Taking the plunge to begin your ballet training is a very exciting time and making the decision to continue your training is an awesome decision, indeed. As always, we wish you a weekend filled with love, light and until our next blog post, remember…

Keep dancing!


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